“Insanity Of The Obsessed” by Warface

Artist: Warface
Title: “Insanity of the Obsessed”
Label: Deathquake Records
Release Date: May 29, 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 1/5

What’s that? You have yet another assembly line/Cookie Monster vox Death Metal album for me to review?

(long pause)


(Reviewer goes completely insane, becomes violent and begins throwing furniture and people from his office’s fourteenth floor balcony. Riot police are called in and he is unceremoniously clubbed onto submission with Monadnock Monpac batons)

Dear PiercingMetal reader,

After a battery of tests and a number of behavior modification treatments involving electrodes attached to my genitals, I’m still struggling with my antipathy toward the Death Metal genre, but I have been promised that this will be my absolute, final review of such material. Plus, they gave me a cookie! It was a nice cookie. Chocolate chip, not too hard, yummy. Anyway, this album is more of the same stuff I’ve endured over the months and I’d be hard pressed to tell it from just about any of the others I’ve reviewed, and… What the hell? I’m sprouting blue fur! Wait a minute, what’s happening to my voice?!!? (voice drops several octaves) You sons of bitches! You fed me a drugged cookie! Me am turning into goddamned Cookie Monster!!! Damn you all to hell! COOOOOOOKIE!!!

Track Listing:
1. Judgment Defiles
2. Fatal Inequity
3. Full Term Refuse
4. Insanity Of The Obsessed
5. Suppression Of Heresy
6. Fragmented Salvation
7. Climatic Annihilation
8. Out Of Death
9. Induction

Official Website: http://www.warface.net/home.html

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