“In The Army Now” (Single) by Sabaton

Artist: Sabaton
Title: “In The Army Now” (Single)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 10/14/2016
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

While they are laying waste to venues across the North American region, those mighty military minded Metal maniacs of Sabaton have surprised fans with the release of a brand new digital single called “In The Army Now”. The tune itself is a cover but one that is totally new to my ears so I have added the bands own comment about it before I continue.

“This hit song by the Dutch duo Bolland & Bolland was released already in 1982, and was also recorded by the British rock band Status Quo in 1986 and became a smash hit once again with high scores on many charts worldwide. During the years many other bands have also recorded their versions of this great song. We recorded it as a bonus track for the “Carolus Rex” album back in 2012.”

After a quick listen to the Sabaton version, I went onto Spotify to hear the original one AND the Status Quo rendition and have to say that the Swedes keep it very straightforward and close to the original track. It’s a slow song in all of the versions but Sabaton add just a little bit more Metal majesty and drive to it which I expected. Thought I don’t really “love” the song itself on the whole, I think fans of Sabaton will enjoy their favorite band offering up their version of it and it’s something cool to add to your digital music library on that cloud. Perhaps some of the Army recruiting centers would find this a helpful tool to entice some fans considering serving their country. Since Sabaton is so gung-ho for military themes, I would love to see them do a collected medley of the armed forces songs like we found Gene Simmons of KISS doing on his “Family Jewels” show a few years ago. Look that up when you get a chance and don’t miss Sabaton in concert with Trivium as they are decimating the stages they land on. I’m speaking as someone who just witnessed what more Metal shows should be like with their set in NYC. Oh yeah and buy a copy of “The Last Stand” as well.

I’ll close up this quick narrative with a wish of safety and “thanks” to all of our countrymen and women in the Armed Services. Take care of yourselves please.

Track Listing:
1. In The Army Now

Official Website: http://www.sabaton.net

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