“In A Flesh Aquarium” by Unexpect

Artist: Unexpect
Title: “In A Flesh Aquarium”
Label: The End Records
Release Date: 8/29/2006
Genre: Progressive, Gothic, Extreme Metal
Rating: 4/5

The band Unexpect is a unit of musicians that truly defy as many of the conventions possible when it comes to the thoughts of what genres can successfully work together. The seven member group performs an eclectic brand of Extreme Metal that includes, and is not limited to elements of Gothic, Progressive, Black Metal and even some Spoken Word pieces. The whole thing comes off like Dimmu Borgir meets Frank Zappa, on a visit to Broadway – and while I am sure that this sounds like a mess to you, it is anything but that and instead a truly complex and “out there” piece of music. The angelic voice of Leilindel is countered by the demonic growls of guitarist Syriak. The other members of the band are Artagoth (guitar/vocals), Exod (keyboard/sampling), Chaoth (9 string bass), le bateleur (violin) and Landryx (drums). I was fortunate enough to catch the group performing live when they opened for the Gathering on that bands visit to the States and I remember watching in jaw-dropped awe as to what was happening on stage. Not only does the band manage to do this stuff in the live sense with ease but Leilindel also acts as the bands Enchantress as she adds the beauty of dance to the live show as well. Having enjoyed the piece as a whole I found no particularly favorable track over any others.

It is the kind of CD that should be listened to in sequence to be honest for this will allow you a little better understanding of the overall complexity that they are delivering on it. I viewed this as controlled insanity in some senses based on the drumming and guitar work being blistering fast and suddenly stopping on a dime and then switching gears and styles, only to begin the first vibe once again. Whew, was all I could say after my initial listen. As a listener to some Progressive Music and a lot of Metal genres, I admit to needing at least four turns of the opus and can advise that some fans will find this a bit much for the senses. This conclusion comes from the album being everywhere it can at some times and come off as a tad confusing unless you are paying attention.

The End Records is raising the bar in their signing of bands like the Unexpect for they prove that the realm of Metal music is as limitless as the number of bands who are willing to experiment with it. Those who enjoy this might also want to check out Giant Squid, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Stolen Babies all who are part of The End Records artist roster as well.

Track List:
1. Chromatic Chimera
2. Feasting Fools
3. Desert Urbania
4. Summoning Scenes
5. Silence_011010701
6. Megalomaniac Trees
7. The Shiver – Another Dissonant Chord
8. The Shiver – Meet Me At The Carousel
9. The Shiver – A Clowns Mindtrap
10. Psychic Jugglers

Official Web site: www.unexpect.com

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