“Il Demonio Nera” by Danzig

Artist: Danzig
Title: “Il Demonio Nera”
Label: Musicrama Inc.
Release Date: 7/26/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 5.5/10

Danzig is one of the great Metal legends without any question. The efforts in Misfits and Samhain all leading up to the brand of brooding and ominous Metal he would deliver on his own. This DVD features a number of unreleased and rarity videos from his career, primarily from the release “Danzig 4”. As this is the second release of such videos there will not be much in the way of older material for the casual fan; they would need to look into “Danzig – Archive De La Mort” for that. Given this being the case I found myself watching the video and being left wanting. Of the 12 featured tracks only 8 are unique and have different versions for you to watch. It’s cool if you are a Danzig diehard, but if you are someone who merely wants to enjoy a bunch of his Metal videos this will most likely leave you the same way.

Visually, the songs deliver the intensity that you expect from Danzig but I think it could have been laid out a little differently. Seeing the same song repeated a couple of times in sequence made me as the casual fan of Danzig hits want to seek out the material I was familiar with. My rating for this is on the low scale based on the limited content and complete lack of any bonus material. I felt even an interview with Glen would have served the viewer well and perhaps saved the DVD for me. He is a smart man with an intimate knowledge of some aspects of Metal. It would have been great to see him reviewing this time in his career and perhaps a little more. Danzig should have included this DVD as a bonus with his release “Circle Of Snakes” as it would have had more impact that way. So many others are doing it, so why wouldn’t it work for him. Biography, discography or photography stills would have helped this release even more but alas even that is not present.

I recommend that this DVD be better suited to the Danzig collector or historian of his career. They will appreciate the volume more than someone who just knows a handful of tracks and is the casual listener. No booklet is included (or maybe my copy didn’t have one) and that is often a nice touch. This was a missed opportunity for me but I am certain the Danzig Legions will disagree.

Song Listing:
1. Until You Call On The Dark – MTV Version
2. Until You Call On The Dark – GD Performance
3. Cantspeak – Clean Version
4. Cantspeak – Filter Pass Version
5. I Don’t Mind The Pain – MTV Version
6. I Don’t Mind The Pain – GD Performance
7. I Don’t Mind The Pain – Band Performance
8. Sadistikal – b/w only (unreleased)
9. The Subtle Arts Of Murder & Persuasion
10. Vigil
11. What I’ve Become
12. Black Label

Official Web site: http://www.danzig-verotik.com/

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