Ikillya Presents “Your God” Official Video

So I’m a little behind on this one but they often say better late than never and that makes me pleased to share the debut single video for the NYC based Thrash meets Groove Metal band Ikillya for the song “Your God”. The song will be available as a digital single soon as I am understanding and comes care of Urban Yeti Records. As I’ve often done with these, I’ll be offering up thoughts on the video alone and not really the song. Those notations can be learned when I tackle the review for the single itself so here we go.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Alright while this is primarily a performance video of the guys in a smaller space, the imagery being presented is a bit of a heavy topic and appears to deal with domestic terrorism. Speaking honestly, it’s not my favorite discussion point but this is the world in which we live nowadays and that’s that. It’s on the news, and it’s in the papers and is what people are looking over their shoulder and with more scrutiny over the person next to them about day in and day out but I digress. While we watch the band throttle us with the track we see a myriad of symbols of both weapons and religious iconography being shown on a screen. Singer Jason Lekberg is rather intense during the song as he growls out his message. We also see two threats to a peaceful way of life making the devices that they choose to deliver their message and of course they are actors so don’t place them on any sort of FBI Watch List. NYC is crazy enough without the viewers reporting friends of the band to the authorities after all. I did enjoy the pacing and drive of the tune but that my friends are views for another narrative. Stay tuned and by all means…..stay safe.

Official Website: http://ikillya.com/

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