I Promised Once Announces Japanese Run; “Hybrid Salvation Tour”

As you know, we love helping to broadcast the tour announcements for our publicists and do them as often as we can find the time to deliver them to you. Sometimes there are a lot and sometimes they come from bands that you just haven’t gotten around to listening to. With that said here is the news from the Needful Things Records people and their band I Promised Once who will be heading to Japan for a brief run.

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The Press Release:
I Promised Once is proud to announce they will be heading out on the Hybrid Salvation Tour this December. IPO is truly a “borderless metalcore” band as they have members that are from both Japan and Germany and have made a name for themselves in both countries. The triple headlining Japanese tour also features Wing Works and Migimimi sleep tight with Gari on select dates. I Promised Once is excited for the run as they shared, “Get ready for a truly borderless experience with the best from Metalcore, Rock, Electro & Visual Kei! ”

I Promised Once’s music has shown no boundaries as they burst into the American scene when signing to Needful Things Records and released their label debut single, “Succubus.” The band’s future looks bright as big announcements will be made in the near future. I Promised Once is a band that isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to their music. Combining elements of metalcore, djent, electronic and even hip hop, the end result covers different spectrums of heaviness and transcends genres.

Originally started back in high school with Vocalist George and Guitarist Nils, the band was put on hold as they both moved to separate countries. However, they knew this wouldn’t be the end as they promised one another that they would make music together again. The addition of Guitarist Kunio, Bassist Joe and Sho on drums solidified the line up along with Flo on Synths as well as Vocals who brought the band to a whole new level.

While the band is preparing to release their upcoming full length out (out 2017), they are no strangers to the studio. Their debut EP, “New Blood” (Mixed by Aljoscha Sieg of Pitchback Studios, Mastered by Brian Hood of 456 Recordings was released in 2015) was met with a tremendous reaction with a sold out release show in Japan. After seeing early success, I Promised Once was eager to get back in the studio and released back to back EP’s in 2016. “Dust to Dust” (Mixed/Mastered by Florent Salfati of Homeless Records) was released in April with “The Awakening” (Mixed/Mastered by Salfati) out in December.

Even though the members may be spread out over multiple countries, that doesn’t stop them from showcasing their talents live. The band has played notable Japanese festivals including ‘Countdown’ and ‘Loud Park 16’ as well as a multi country tour in support of their “Dust to Dust” release. I Promised Once has shared the stage with bands from all over the world including German bands Rats and Wolves, Shoot The Girl First from France, Palisades and A Scent Like Wolves from the U.S. and Fail Emotions from Russia. They’ve also played with Japanese heavy hitters Crossfaith, Crystal Lake and Babymetal.

While achieving success in just a few short years, I Promised Once is ready in 2017 to expand their horizons by signing to American based label Needful Things Records (distributed by Tragic Hero Records). Guitarist Nils explains, “As a global metalcore band, becoming part of the Tragic Hero Records family was always one of our dreams since they are well-known for signing unique bands that push the genre to new heights. When we heard that they created Needful Things Records to support bands and help grow them together with the Tragic Hero team and were interested to work with us, we jumped on the opportunity to put another Japanese band on the international map and to get our music heard by people all over the world.” I Promised Once is appropriately named as it relates to how our past influences our actions in the future. Negative and positive experiences define you as a person and everyone has trials they need to overcome to be the person who they are today. If the past is any indication of where I Promised Once is heading, the possibilities are limitless and this is only the
beginning of a bright future.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I hope that you regular readers don’t mind me sharing the news about yet another group that I don’t have much of a musical background in because we are here to serve the greater reporting good and not constantly tell you about the same bands over and over again. Speaking frankly, one of the things I love most about being a music scribe is the constant ability to discover what is happening out there and being able to tell people about it and hopefully generate some curiosity in them. Hopefully my plate will clear up enough for me to investigate this band a little more. I mean its not like I am heading over to Japen for any of these tour dates. Of course, if some of you readers are ridiculously wealthy and feel like sending our editorial forces on a lengthy jaunt every now and again I am easily reached 🙂 If you are someone who has listened to this band please chime in down below about what you think and what is a good place to start with them. See you next time.

Official Websites:
IPO: http://www.ipromisedonce.com/
Needful Things Records: http://www.needfulthingsrecords.com

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