“Humans Dust” by Decapitated

Artist: Decapitated
Title: “Humans Dust”
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 7/8/2008
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

In the world of Extreme Technical Death Metal there were definitely few bands that were as capable as the guys in Decapitated. They were young, and on top of their game very early into their career and this DVD is chock full of treats for their fans to slaver over since it gives them three concert appearances with their first singer Sauron and each tune is more intense than the last. It presents the band across the span of a couple of years and begins with a show filmed in 2002 while the band was on tour with Vader and Krisiun (wow, talk about a killer show) and the band is definitely on point as they pummel the audience with brain dizzying riffs. Of course one can find amusement as the fans are mostly just head banging as opposed to being immersed in a pit to end all pits, and the more I see these videos from Metal Mind Productions I am convinced that doing such a thing is prohibited while filming is taking place. The 2002 show features the greatness of “Winds Of Creation” and “Suffer The Children” and while Vogg’s riffs are capable of searing the flesh the drumming of Vitek just drives the intensity home. The shooting of this show is a little bit frenetic and finds the band being swapped around from member to member very quickly. This might bother some viewers but I like this kind of music with interesting camera work as opposed to a straight on visual aspect. While the show is rather short, at eight songs it seems more than enough to show the assembled fans that they meant business and we actually adept at what they set out to do. I’m not certain why this was set up in this fashion and instead of being able to flip through the concerts, you essentially watched this main program and then needed to move on to the bonus features for the rest. The great aspect of this would be that ones Metal adventure is only beginning as the last chords of the 2002 show have played.

Bonus Features: “Live At Ozzfest” (Katowice 5/29/2002): “Spheres Of Madness”, Eternity Too Short”, Babylon’s Pride”. “Live At Metalmania Festival (Katowice)”: Three-Dimesional Defect, Lying And Weak, Mother War, Sensual Sickness, Spheres Of Madness, The Negation.
*** The other two shows find the band captured again in 2002 and then once in 2004 and by this time we witness them to be even tighter at what they were doing for Metal than on the early shows. They clearly were intent on pushing the bar up a notch and no matter how technical they were getting with their riffs, there was no loss of brutality from them. While there are a total of nine tracks in the bonus area, there is some duplication being felt as four of the tunes are a part of the other shows. It’s ok in my opinion as they show the band doing the material at an earlier stage and then at a later stage. The bonus features also include three interviews which are in Polish but have sub-titles so you can read along and not feel lost. We also get the video clip for the bands “Winds Of Creation” song and that makes this a very healthy DVD that you can examine for a couple of hours. A booklet that features all of the content and some photos of the band is included but it really doesn’t present anything that is over the top fantastic as some of the other releases have.

Now for the back to reality portion of our commentary. This DVD was released in the middle of 2008 and resultant of the timing it made it a little difficult to sit through at times because it would come to us only a few short months after the tragic accident that the band was involved in. The accident was horrific and would take the life of drummer Vitek as well as leaving their singer Covan in extremely critical condition and needing long term care. This led to the band going on immediate hiatus to both grieve their terrible loss and to better attend to their colleague who was suffering great injuries. Only time will tell if the band will actually return to the Metal scene in some fashion, and while I remain hopeful about this, the world will forever mourn the loss of the talented Witold “Vitek” Kietyka who was only 23 when this accident happened. This DVD is a great if accidental memorial to the music that he did with the band and it’s a fantastic way to see just how incredible Decapitated was at their brand of Metal. Horns up Vitek.

Track Listing:
1. Nihility
2. Eternity Too Short
3. Way To Salvation
4. Spheres Of Madness
5. Names
6. Winds Of Creation
7. Babylon’s Pride
8. Suffer The Children

Official Website: http://www.decapitated.pl

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