“Howdilly Doodilly” by Okilly Dokilly

Artist: Okilly Dokilly
Title: “Howdilly Doodilly”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 11/11/2016
Genre: Nedcore
Rating: 4/5

Heavy Metal music is truly one of the diverse forms of tuneage that I have ever listened to and if you doubt me on this proclamation then I say “Away thee knave!!!” because it not with absolute certainty that I stand behind this somewhat bold statement. As a music scribe I am quite fortunate and even sometimes unfortunate with what I get to hear and discuss with you and some things are profoundly interesting while others are profoundly ridiculous and I am thinking that the band I am discussing here falls to the latter. The band’s name is Okilly Dokilly and they are the first ever completely Ned Flanders (of The Simpsons) based Metal band. You’ve probably read that line back a couple of times and checked if your glasses were clear enough but I am not kidding – Okilly Dokilly is a Ned Flanders Heavy Metal band. Their album is called “Howdilly Doodilly” which would be how Flanders would say “how do you do” I guess even though his usual greeting on the show is a little different.

They hail from Springfield, USA and every member of the group dresses like the popular neighbor of Homer Simpson and his brood and the music answers the burning question in everyone’s mind of “what if Ned Flanders and a bunch of his clones formed a Heavy Metal band”. I caught the group in action a few months ago when they were one of the opening acts for Mac Sabbath (the McDonaldland characters that play Black Sabbath styled songs) and I had to say that they were a hoot. I was able to get a copy of the album and after giving it a couple of listens had to say that it’s a pretty fun listen. All of the tunes are based on things that Flanders has said across the history of appearances on “The Simpsons” but their lead singer Head Ned doesn’t sing with a Flandersy twang and instead growls like some Dark Metal band would. It was different to say the least and in contrast to the musicianship, I had to say that the technical chops showcased by the guys were quite impressive. The tunes that stuck out for me fell to “Vegetables”, “Nothing At All”, “Donut Hell” and “Godspeed Little Doodle”. I am a lifer when it comes to The Simpsons series and have almost all of the shows on DVD at this point so a lot of the references and inferences made sense to me. If you’ve never watched a single episode of the show then some of what they are singing about will confuse you but that is alright, I think that you can still safely enjoy it.

The band is rounded out by Red Ned, Thread Ned, Stead Ned and Bled Ned and across the board play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. I didn’t recall Head Ned playing anything except the audience when I caught them. The recording is just under forty-one minutes in length and I felt that the album breezed by me nice and quick and wasn’t at any point boring or something that I decided to skip around and avoid a track here and there. Sometimes when you are trying to absorb a release you jump around or pause and come back etc. This is the perfect album if you love all of The Simpsons lore and just want to have a fun time listening to something that surely falls into the weird side. The thing about Okilly Dokilly is that it’s a group that needs to be seen live. During the show, Head Ned regularly engages the crowd in a proper Ned Flanders voice and there are props being used throughout the gig which make it a lot more of a hoot. This is nice and cheap too so click on Spotify to see if you’d like it and support something new.

Track Listing:
1. White Wine Spritzer
2. Flanderdoodles
3. Vegetables
4. Nothing At All
5. You’re A Jerk
6. Sacrifice
7. Press Destruct Button
8. More Animal Than Flan
9. They Warned Me
10. Donut Hell
11. Panic Room
12. Godspeed Little Doodle
13. All That Is Left

Official Website: http://www.okillydokilly.com/

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