Holy Logo Morphing Batman: DC Comics To Change Their Logo

As our readers know, we have been offering up some reviews of the recent crop of comics from the DC Comics line and adding them to our ever expanding Comic Booking It narratives and Convention Adventures coverages. Doing that sort of thing made this little bit of news something that I wanted to share with you all since it seems that we have come to a time when the illustrious DC Comics is opting to change their logo. I did some internet searching and downloaded some publicly available images of their logos from across the years and will offer up a little homage to them all as we approach the company newness. This has been covered by a number of other comics centric bloggers but I felt like tossing my own thoughts into the mix as well. Here is the company’s first one from 1940. Around this time the world at large had only recently heard of the mighty Superman and fantastic detective Batman. That must have been way cool to have such interesting new characters coming to life on the illustrated page.

DC Comics - 1940

It seems that in 1942 they added that this was a Superman Publication to the logo which I guess makes some sense since the line of releases was not as expansive as it is today. I’m not collecting comics yet as I am not set to arrive for a little over two more decades at this point in time 🙂

DC Comics - 1942

This logo I felt had some more personality to it, and I rather liked. Of course I don’t own any books from this time period but maybe some of you older fans are lucky enough to have them. They are likely worth something.

DC Comics - 1949

I’m now around for about five years when this logo came to be but I was not really reading comics yet. It would be a few more years until my parents and Grandmother would pick me up a few and start the ball rolling on where my allowance would go. I really don’t remember it being on any of the older titles that I purchased which leads me to believe that I have only a small batch of titles this old.

DC Comics - 1970

I do remember this one a little more as now I am at the age where I was asking for Mom or Nan to pick up the Batman comic book that I just saw at the corner store. I will admit that I was much more of a Marvel Comics kid when it came down to it, but I digress. This was a pretty straight forward, no nonsense logo that really didn’t have much flair or excitement to it.

DC Comics - 1972

Fortunately the rather sterile nature of the other logo got a bit of an upgrade in 1974 and added some blues and additional text that really speaks to what the comics company was all about. This makes sense with Batman and Superman having scores of company like The Justice League, New Gods and hosts of other characters in their universe.

DC Comics - 1974

This logo I knew the most in terms of the comics I was collecting and is probably the one that I liked the most of the batch of them. It’s also been one of the longest standing logos from the company and beats out the 1949 one by eight years. It remained the branding for twenty nine years unless my calculating is off. I was alright if they never changed it. Of course they would.

DC Comics - 1976

While I was okay with the company’s cool bullet logo that had been present on so much of my collection I had to say that I really liked the change made in 2005 since it had a super modern flow and feel to it. There was flash and flair that I felt worked with the growing online world that we were living in. Do you agree? Sadly this one would only last for six years which is a shame since it still had some life to it in my humble opinion.

DC Comics - 2005

Which brings us down to this apparently new logo for the company……are you ready? Okay here we go…

DC Comics - 2012

While I don’t like to crap on anyone’s creative input I had to admit that this new logo was not exciting me at all. I realize that DC Entertainment is a massive company that falls under the Warner Brothers mega-machine but this is too darned corporate and hardly befitting of a comic book company. Surely I don’t expect a playful or childish logo in this day and age but I felt this was too simple for simple sake. Let’s hope they change back to the 2005 one or at least modify that cooler one to something a little more interesting. There have been nine logos over the years so perhaps the odds of this are in our favor. That’s all I got. What do you think?

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