Holy Crap! The Foo Fighters Will Play Irving Plaza Friday 12/5/14

Wow talk about a special event, and here I thought that our musical week in the Big Apple was going to be your standard fare but I was wrong and there is no need to wipe your eyes because the Foo Fighters are indeed playing Irving Plaza this Friday, December 5th. I copied the details from their Facebook Page and present them to you below the poster. Dig in.

Poster - Foo Fighters at Irving Plaza - 2014

NEW YORK CITY! Friday, Dec,. 5th Irving Plaza = $20
Tickets on sale Friday, Dec. 5th at the Irving Plaza Box Office ONLY.
Limit (2) per person.

*** No line ups before 3pm on Dec. 5th, Tickets go on sale at 5pm, This show is All Ages.

7:00 – Doors Open
9:00 – Sonic Highways: New York City
10:00 – Foo Fighters

This is probably one of the coolest things to find happening at Irving Plaza in a very long time and I am speaking as a regular patron and media supporter of the venue. Its not every day one sees a band that has garnered so much praise play such an intimate setting. The space only holds about 1200 people and I might be over the actual amount by a dozen or so but that being said, imagine how much this building is going to Rock come Friday night as the Foo Fighters bring their “Sonic Highways” program to life for its NYC episode. I’ve been recording the program on my DVR but have not yet seen it and many of my friends are raving about it so its in my plan. As you can see they are being very strict with the rules and I love that they are limiting tickets to prevent scalpers from making a killing as opposed to rightful fans being in place. Since they are expecting a madhouse I feel its smart to not even let the line begin until its almost doors as that keeps the area not looking like a political rally. I am not sure that I will be able to get in place and secure a ticket for myself but if I can manage I will pen something up for you all here and hopefully snag some images from the crowd. This will surely be $20 well spent. Who else is psyched for this and is planning on calling in sick to their job that day?

One thought on “Holy Crap! The Foo Fighters Will Play Irving Plaza Friday 12/5/14”

  1. What seemed like an amazing opportunity unfortunately spiraled down rather quickly. I was one of the 300-400 maybe more people who responded to the Live Nation post regarding this Foo Fighters show and instead we were greeted with a really long line with absolutely 0 chance of getting a ticket. People who had been waiting since 11 am were telling us on line that only a few (175) to be exact tickets were actually sold. Those who came after 9 or 10 am never had a chance as wrist bands were given out to the first 175 who showed up. So much for what the post said about no lining up before 3 pm. Disheartened as we were many of us left the cold and rain while many people still expecting a chance at a ticket were turned away.
    Terrible p.r. stunt that allowed us loyal fans to believe that we’d have a shot at an actual small venue show of a band of the FF’s caliber. Shame on the promoters of this event.

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