“Hollywood Kills” by The 69 Eyes

Artist: The 69 Eyes
Title: “Hollywood Kills”
Label: EMI Music
Release Date: 7/22/2008
Genre: Gothic Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

In 2004 The 69 Eyes would release the album “Devils” and this one held special significance to their budding stateside fan base for a number of reasons. You see, not only was this the first album that they were able to purchase as a domestic release but it was also the album that found the band on tour in this region for the first time in their seventeen year existence. If you were one of the lucky people who caught one or two or perhaps even three of these gigs you will clearly remember them as special because the group played like a band afire each and every night by covering choice tracks from “Devils” and a wide assortment of their long established classics from the back catalog. To the US fans, most of these songs were new to their ears unless they had ordered the higher priced imports of their albums from abroad or done the unthinkable and downloaded them illegally. Whatever the case may have been, the band performed to capacity crowds during the length of this tour and now the final night that was recorded for posterity can be enjoyed by a larger audience with “Hollywood Kills – Live at the Whisky a Go-Go”. The evening kicks off with an introduction by Bam Margera, a man who has been behind the band for a number of years and if he could help HIM why couldn’t the same magic happen for The 69 Eyes. The band jumps right into the opening number of their album “Devils” which is of course the song that bears the same name and from there it is on. The recording quality is top notch and you hear every instrument rather well along with singer Jyrki’s deep and dark voice. From there the band switches back and forth it seems between new track and classic number from their other albums. The larger focus of tracks comes from the absolutely killer “Blessed Be” while a couple of others hail from “Paris Kills”. They do go back a few years earlier to 1997 with “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams”, a tune that comes from the album bearing the same name. I am starting to notice a trend with these guys as they periodically have a song that is on the album that is also the name of the album.

Having caught the New York City appearance on this tour I was happy to find a live recording coming from one of the nights and what better way to close it all up than at a club as legendary as the Whisky A Go-Go. After all, this club launched many of the biggest bands that had ever come off the Sunset Strip, Motley Crue and Guns ‘N Roses to name a couple of them. The NYC appearance was at The Bowery Ballroom which was a perfect venue for the group and when I compared the set list to the recorded tracks on the CD I found that there was no difference. Highlights come by the way of “Brandon Lee” and “The Chair” but I also loved “Sister Of Charity” and “Lost Boys” as well. Jyrki 69 is the only band member who speaks to the audience and he does this a number of times and proves himself to be rather adept at it. He also is known for coming up with certain things based on the place and region they are playing. They do one cover tune of the Ramones with “I Just Wanna Have Something To Do” and I admit that this was a surprise to me based on so many other Ramones songs that they could have selected. The bottom line is that this was a very satisfying concert recording on a number of levels and once you get your copy I believe you will agree with me. The CD comes with a booklet that features a number of photos from the show and given the fact that they are very stylish and visual this should appease their fans all the more.

Last year The 69 Eyes released a special edition “Angels/Devils” CD that paired up the two latest studio recordings and gave the listener a couple of additional tracks. There was also a DVD in the package that presented five songs from this same live recording and since there are five you know that a full set must be around somewhere and waiting to be released. I hope they get to that soon since it’s a perfect way to remember the bands first ever US tour. At this point in time, the entire existing back catalog is available domestically and the best way to start your own adventures with the band is by looking into a few of the albums referenced in this review.

Track Listing:
1. “Introduction From Bam Margera
2. Devils
3. Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear
4. Betty Blue
5. Christina Death
6. Crashing High
7. The Chair
8. Hevioso
9. Feel Berlin
10. Gothic Girl
11. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
12. Sister Of Charity
13. Dance D’Amour
14. Framed In Blood
15. Lost Boys
16. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
17. Brandon Lee

Official Website: www.69eyes.com

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