Here’s Tallah’s Official Video For “Placenta”

It was only a couple of months ago that we first shared the news about a new band that had been formed by drummer Max Portnoy (Son Of Mike) and Justin Bonitz who is cited as being a YouTube sensation. The band is called Tallah and if you missed that report please click HERE to examine in. Now, as May gets into full swing we get the official video from their first single with “Placenta”. Take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: The video finds the band in an open warehouse performing the song and while this is happening we switch back and forth to singer Bonitz who is clearly dealing with some deep-rooted issues and trying to collect them on piles and piles of paper. These papers end up strewn allover the warehouse floor and as the band continues to jam out the singer takes these frustrations out on objects around him. It’s a very anger inducing tune, but I’ll give more song overview in a single review soon enough. If this is an example of how they will perform in the live sense you’re going to want to watch yourself if you stray near the circle pits. Part of me almost expect Bonitz to be diving into the fray of them from this quick video clip. This is a far cry from the Next To None band for sure while had a more Progressive vibe. What do you think about the video? You can order the track down via right now if you love it.

Official Website:

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