Here’s Some Info On 2016’s “Free Comic Book Day”

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We love “Free Comic Book Day” here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ and as you read this little announcement, its only three weeks away (or 21 days depending on how you like to mark out the countdown to such a thing). Now in case there are some new readers to the site who don’t even know what this is, let me explain that its a day that numerous comic book retail shops participate in an event where patrons get a bunch of comic books for free. It’s that simple and there are dozens of awesome free provisions to be had. Based on the demand many of the retails shops have a limit of five or so books so everyone gets to have something. It’s also super smart to go as early as possible so you get the ones you want. The reason I am posting this advance bit of news is because the Official Website link below has the entire rundown of what is coming out and trust me there are some goodies to be had. The ones I am most excited about are the “Civil War II”, “Suicide Squad”, “Rom Spaceknight”, “Phantom”, “The Tick” and “Captain America” to name a few. Take a look at the list and let me know what ones you are compelled to get your hands on.

Oh yeah and this is something I also always mention on FCBD. Be sure to bring some extra cash along with you to take advantage of the sales that many of the retailers have going on during the event. You can get some great discounts on action figures, collected editions and even back issues or other assorted doodads with your favorite heroes and villains on them. This is also a great way to thank the retailer for even participating in the event. See you on May 7th, now back to the music journalism stuff.

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