Here’s Looking At Jason Momoa as “Aquaman”

Director Zack Snyder tweeted a photo earlier yesterday to showcase actor Jason Momoa as “Aquaman”. He will be joining the large ensemble cast of DC Universe heroes and villains that are set to appear in the 2016 film “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”; take a look.

Photo - Jason Momoa - Aquaman

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I will stick by my stand on being against this particular casting based on how I have long known Aquaman to look like in the comics and animated form even though I like Momoa as an actor from “Game Of Thrones” and even his portrayal as “Conan The Barbarian”. Of course my view no longer matter since he has the role and will deliver it and hopefully excel in the task. To me he looks more like Poseidon or even Marvel Comics own “Namor The Sub-Mariner” (a character I hope we see added to their already expansive film universe). “Unite The Seven” is definitely a dramatic way to present the photo and I am sure that the remaining two are The Flash and Green Lantern who we shall get when this film is done and leads us to the eventual two part “Justice League” film of 2017. Momoa does look like a badass in the garb just the same and perhaps that is what the oft-maligned King Of The Seven Seas needs at this point. His current title by DC Comics is a solid read and he recently starred in the film “Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis” which is a worthy animated feature. What do you readers think about it? Fill me in where the comments allow you to do so and we will mull upon this together.

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