“Hellish Videos” by Helloween

Artist: Helloween
Title: “Hellish Videos: The Complete Video Collection”
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 8/16/2005
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 7/10

This DVD is probably one of the top items on the list of the Helloween fans. So now in an answer to the requests is the complete video collection from the course of this historic Power Metal bands career. As I began to watch this DVD and the song “Halloween” came on, I was instantly brought back to my youth and the memory I had when I first saw this band on MTV. I had never heard anything like it at the time and especially how well the guitars worked over the double kick drums. From that moment on Helloween became a band that I always appreciated and enjoyed listening to. Their videos are mainly kitsch in their content and style but any fan of the group will certainly appreciate this stuff being all in one place. It might be geared more towards the diehards, but it’s a safe assumption to think newer fans could enjoy it as well.

Originally I had thought that there were more than what is included on the DVD, but apparently I was wrong. This collection of all the bands promotional videos, was put together under the watchful eye of Andy Deris (singer) and includes videos done for the following releases: Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. 1, Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. 2, Pink Bubbles Go Ape, Chameleon, Master Of The Rings, The Time Of The Oath, Better Than Raw, The Dark Ride and Rabbit Don’t Come Easy. If I had to select some favorites I go all the way back to “Halloween” and “I Want Out” (which still makes me laugh as the camera zooms into Michael Kiske’s mouth where the band is seen performing). I also have a certain fondness for “Where The Rain Grows” and “Just A Little Sign” because they are such great tunes. The bonus features are on the limited side and have some tour outtakes, a live version of “Hey Lord” and a photo gallery. I think they could have includes a Discography and some complete lineup information. There is certainly enough room on a DVD to go and do that.

As a band, Helloween pretty much helped to set the standard to how Power Metal was to be done. To this day they are still one of Germany’s biggest groups and while the years have gone by and some members come and gone, the music is still pure Helloween. Take a trip back and remember how a genre of Heavy Metal was kicked off.

Track Listing:
1. Halloween
2. I Want Out
3. Kids Of The Century
4. When The Sinner
5. Mr. Ego
6. Where The Rain Grows
7. Perfect Gentleman
8. Power
9. The Time Of The Oath
10. Forever And One
11. I Can
12. If I Could Fly
13. Just A Little Sign

Official Web site: www.Helloween.org

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