Heilung Announce Album Title & Live Appearances

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The Press Release:
HEILUNG, the mystifying experimental world music outfit, have revealed the title for their forthcoming album. Dubbed ‘Futha,’ the effort is scheduled for release in May 2019 via Season of Mist.

Regarding the meaning behind ‘Futha,’ HEILUNG explain, “The majority of full rune set inscriptions start with ‘Futha,’ and is known to us as the first four letters in all runic alphabets. It is considered that our forefathers saw magic potential in engraving the full rune line, but there is also great significance in the beginnings. Science has no key for the meaning of only engraving the first couple of letters yet, but there is, of course, a surplus of theories. One of the theories we found inspiration in, is that ‘Futha’ holds the meaning of fertility and female gender. As ‘Ofnir’ focused on war and masculine notions, the great healing power of female wild strength is evoked in Futha. Those who have been present at a birth or have seen lionesses hunting know the spirit, and we welcome and embrace it in the sounds that were born during the creation of ‘Futha.'”

For those wondering what HEILUNG is all about, an artistic impression of the band’s mystique can be interpreted from this official video for the song “Krigsgaldr.” The song is taken from their 2015 release, ‘Ofnir’ and can be seen and heard at THIS LOCATION.

heilung, season of mist records artists

Photo Credit: Simon Kallas

After a successful 2018, HEILUNG have announced more tour dates for the upcoming festival season. A list of all currently confirmed dates can be viewed below.

HEILUNG performances 2019:
02/22: Wacken (DE) @ Wacken Winter Nights (Exact date TBC)
04/11: Tilburg (NL) @ Roadburn Festival (Exact date TBC)
04/17: St. Petersburg (RU) @ Aurora
04/19: Moscow (RU) @ Arbat Hall
06/20: Copenhagen (DK) @ Copenhell Festival 2019 (Exact date TBA)
06/29: Helsinki (FI) @ Tuska 2019 (Exact date TBA)
08/18: Borre (NO) @ Midgardsblot 2019 (Exact date TBA)
09/07: Selb (DE) @ Mediaval Festival 2019 (Exact date TBA)
10/19: Hameln (DE) @ Autumn Moon Festival 2019 (Exact date TBA)

When HEILUNG self-released ‘Ofnir’ in 2015, the Danish band could hardly have anticipated the breakthrough success of their debut album. Spectacular live shows, strong critical acclaim, and a massive underground buzz added to the constantly high demand for this full-length are the reason why their new label Season of Mist does not hesitate to re-issue ‘Ofnir’ in several collector’s edition formats.

HEILUNG means “healing” in the German language and this also describes the core of the band’s sound. The listener is supposed to be left at ease and in a relaxed state after a magical musical journey that is at times turbulent.

HEILUNG reach far back in time to the Northern European iron age and Viking period to create their sound experience. The band utilises many means in their songs: from running water via human bones, reconstructed swords and shields up to ancient frame drums as well as bronze rings.

HEILUNG’s lyrics contain original texts from rune stones, preserved spear shafts, amulets, and other ancient artefacts. Furthermore, the band uses poems, which either deal with historical events or are translations and interpretations of the original texts.

Any attempt to link the band with or bring their music into a modern political or religious context is pointless, since HEILUNG try to connect their listeners with a time before the coming of Christianity and modern political ideologies.

Line-up: Kai Uwe Faust, Christopher Juul, Maria Franz

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I am still rather new about Heilung and have only been able to enjoy stuff about them from these record label provisions and references. To my knowledge the group has not yet been to our neck of the woods but with so many groups getting here that I never expected to see do that, its probably an only time will tell scenario. I like what I’ve heard and figure that other fans like myself who enjoy things like Wardruna will appreciate this group. It’s not a complete comparison mind you but just relating two slightly familiar formulas. If there are any expert fans of the band reading this announcement who wish to clarify a lot better please know that your submitted comment will be moved to the front of the approval line. See you next time.

Official Websites:
Heilung: https://www.facebook.com/amplifiedhistory/
Season Of Mist Records: http://www.season-of-mist.com/

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