“He Is” (Single) by Ghost

Artist: Ghost
Title: “He Is” (Single)
Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Release Date: 8/25/2017
Genre: Hard Rock

The other day, the band Ghost released a video for the song “He Is” which originally hails on their Grammy Award winning album “Meliora” and while I am going to post something about that in a post of its own, I wanted to first talk about the also released single for the track and what it includes. I’ve been trying to showcase singles for bands and when it’s a group as popular as Ghost, it makes sense for site attention and any Google searches. It also helps when you really like the band which I do. Before I begin, I should share that the original track from “Meliora” isn’t on this extended single and all four included versions are different aspects of the popular song.

We start off with a live track recorded in San Francisco, and there isn’t much I can say beyond that. I’ve seen Ghost twice, once with Papa II and the other with Papa III and can tell you that they rock on the stage. I’ve heard rumblings that a live recording is coming down the pike so this is probably from that eventual release. The second version is a slower, more acoustic one with singer Alison Mosshart and I liked this one a lot. A few years ago Ghost did a small acoustic tour and I’d love to find them releasing more of their tracks in this fashion.

The last two are remixes of the tune and I have never really been a fan of that sort of thing. This is just my opinion because you might love the heavy Industrial vibe that the HEALTH remix brings to the table or the more Ethereal into Darkwave version that is the Haxen Cloak Remimx. They came out good but this is just not for me. I was okay with the first two tracks and the spooky cover art. The great thing about singles nowadays and digital purchases mechanisms is that you only need to pay for that which you want the most. Keep watching the website for the video review since I will be approaching that as soon as time allows. One needs to stay on top of bands like Ghost, especially when they keep on changing singers. One has to also wonder just how long Papa Emeritus III has left in his tenure. Tick tock, tick. Tock.

Track Listing:
1. He Is – Live In San Francisco
2. He Is – Ghost x Alison Mosshart
3. He Is – (HEALTH Remix)
4. He Is – The Haxen Cloak Remix

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com/

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