Have A Horrid Halloween 2013 Metal Legions – Bwah Ha Ha Ha!!!!

I love Halloween and since I am recharging the Metal batteries after rocking out to The Misfits last night instead of more running about this evening, I figured why not continue along in a reasonably new PiercingMetal post tradition by reflecting once more on the myriad articles I’ve covered that were “Horror” themed Metal and Punk releases. There’s a link to that a little lower but first an image that I saw at The Marlin Room in Webster Hall when I was attending the Otep show a few weeks ago. Creepy.


I think my readers already know about my interest in stuff like comic books and monster movies already after discussing numerous things of this nature in the blog part of PiercingMetal but for those who don’t there you have it. Since this bled into music that I also enjoyed it made the spookiness of performers like The Misfits, Lordi, Wednesday 13 and the mighty Alice Cooper and others right up my alley. What I did below was present you all with a query search that pulls up any review article that has the word “horror” in its description. Just something to bide you along during the day after you steal some of the candy from the Trick or Treaters.

Enjoy all our Horror Rock, Metal and Punk reviews by clicking our search area for stuff by Misfits, King Diamond, Wednesday 13, Gwar, Lordi and more.

Here’s my now annual Halloween shot just for a little fun.


Happy Halloween

PS: Oh yeah and I also did my yearly Halloween Spooky Decorations blog posting on my PiercingKen.com site, so if you want to indulge in that you can just click HERE.

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