Have A Hellish Halloween Metal Maniacs (10/31/2012)

To celebrate Halloween 2012 in a truly Metal fashion, I decided to present you fans and fiends with a run down of our so far covered Horror themed Metal and Punk releases. The photo I used just felt appropriate for the scenario that I was setting up. I actually took it during the summer. Go figure.

I’ve admitted to being a fan of comic books and monster movies over the years to my readers and that bled into music in some sense as I also enjoy the spookiness of performers like The Misfits, Lordi, Wednesday 13 and the mighty Alice Cooper. What I did below was present you all with a query search that pulls up any review article that has the word “horror” in its description. Just something to bide you along during the day after you steal some of the candy from the Trick or Treaters.

Enjoy our Horror Punk, Rock and Metal postings by clicking HERE

Happy Halloween \m/

PS: I also did my yearly Halloween Spooky Decorations blog posting on my PiercingKen.com site, so if you want to indulge in that you can just click HERE.

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