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“Haunted” (Single) by Diamante

Artist: Diamante
Title: “Haunted” (Single)
Release Date: 10/13/2017
Genre: Hard Rock/Alt-Rock
Rating: 4/5

Okay so you’ll need to indulge me for a moment with this one, because while I had heard the name of singer Diamante a couple of times before in the recent past, I didn’t exactly do any deeper digging to see what she was all about. This was more based on the enormous amounts of things to do for the pair of websites I felt that eventually I would get around to her. Then when the Bad Wolves announced a tour that would be bringing along the young singer and the band From Ashes To New, I said let’s get on point and see what she is bringing to the table once and for all. After a quick scan on Spotify, I found a single that I enjoyed called “Haunted” and here are some notes on it.

Starting off with a solitary riff and Diamante’s voice laying down some introduction, this one quickly picks up pace and becomes quite a fist-pumper. The vibe of the overall song found my head bopping in sync with it and I was greatly enjoying all of the peaks and valleys that Diamante was offering up with her quite soaring register. I also found myself singing along after a few quick repeats and that still impresses me considering just how much music that I actually listen to. Part of me wondered how this would sound in concert so I closed my eyes and tried to envision it playing out in front of me. This was quite a solid first track for me to hear so I was glad I took some time to listen. If I had to draw a comparison to another newbie, I might say that Diamante reminded me a tad bit of Lizzy Hale from Halestorm and our friend Madame Mayhem, but this is merely to form a quick image. I am sure that Diamante brings her own quality game to the table and I’m going to try to catch here performing in concert as soon as I’m able to do that. Check her out.

Track Listing:
1. Haunted

Official Website:

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