“Hated” (Special Edition) by G.G. Allin

Artist: G.G. Allin
Title: “Hated” – Special Edition
Label: MVD Entertainment
Release Date: 8/7/2007
Genre: Punk
Rating: 3.5/5

“Hated” is a documentary about the legendary Punk Rock singer G.G. Allin who was perhaps the most extreme personality that the genre would ever know. He was born Jesus Christ Allin but was soon nicknamed G.G. by his older Brother who could never pronounce the name properly. To say G.G. was unique would be the understatement of the century as the singer was known more for his on and offstage antics than for his actual singing voice and overall talents in this form of music. His shows were not for the timid or fearful as it seemed as though G.G. could smell those senses from the audience. He would often mutilate himself on the stage and we see him doing it during one song as he begins by smashing the microphone into his head. He would even cut himself with razors until he was a bloody mess. We see him antagonize the audience into fighting with him during the shows and often he would find the biggest member in the crowd to do this with. He would invite them to throw things at him or hit him back and he would respond by either urinating or defecating on the stage and did I mention he was always naked when this was happening? Yes, I know, this is pretty intense to envision but it all did happen and it is very vividly captured on this film. The documentary was actually the first film by director Todd Phillips and it was intended to be his senior project for New York University. During the film we are treated to G.G. performing in front of some straight laced students who are very visibly shocked by the actions of the singer. He begins the set by rubbing a banana on his ass, throwing it at them and then when they refuse to get a little naked as well he decides to toss the furniture at them. Shows like this often had the police involved and needless to say the NYPD and other law enforcement members are seen around the film quite a bit. During his life Allin performed with dozens of bands but the film focuses on his last group the Murder Junkies; a group that also featured his brother Merle, drummer Dino Sexx and guitarist Chicken John. The music they delivered was pretty much the standard Punk fare of the day but the lyrics were definitely as volatile as the person who was singing them. To some people Allin was a raving lunatic that belonged in a padded cell more than he belonged on stage and to others he was a musical prophet who was the living example of everything that Hardcore Punk had stood for in terms of defiance, rage and destruction. The singer was always proclaiming that he would kill himself on stage and this made every appearance one that had the audience wondering if it would be the show where it all ended before their very eyes. He never did live up to his words and instead died of a heroin overdose on June 28, 1993.

As a documentary this works very well and it brings you right into the all too violent mix of the singer’s life. One is hard pressed to believe that this was originally a school project as it comes off better than some music documentaries that are released today. We see G.G. in interviews back in the day with Geraldo Rivera and in action with his band and you can see all of the extreme acts that were lined out above. Believe me this is not very pleasant to sit through and if you have a weak stomach this is not a film for you and it should really not be viewed by minors. This re-release Special Edition comes with a number of interesting features with the best being the extensive interview with G.G.’s brother Merle and drummer Dino Sexx. It really lines out the early history of both G.G. and the band. It’s here that we find that Dee Dee Ramone was actually a member of the group, but this didn’t last for more than six weeks. We get a conversation with G.G.’s Mom as she talks about his childhood and there are a couple of full live songs performed that we see in full as bonuses while during the film are only segments. There is also a running commentary by both director Todd Phillips and G.G.’s brother Merle that the viewer can enjoy as the film plays. These commentary sections offer several unreleased scenes and are worthwhile segments to sit through. In his adult years the director, Todd Phillips, would go on to work on films such as “Roadtrip” and “Dukes Of Hazzard”. After G.G.’s death the Murder Junkies would decide to continue on and play music. They would find other singers but no one could ever replace G.G. as he was just too unique and extreme. This video while fascinating and gripping at times is as vulgar as we mentioned earlier and features extremely vivid nudity, defecation and worse. This film is primarily for the Hardcore Punk acolytes and historians but can be enjoyed by any music fan that is built with a strong constitution. Think you’re brave? Watch this one and get back to me on that. I’ll have the very necessary shot of whisky waiting for you.

Track Listing:
1. Die When You Die
2. Gypsy Motherf**kers
3. Fu*k Authority
4. Suck My Ass It Smells
5. I Want To Kill You
6. Carmelita
7. Bite It You Scum
8. When I Die
9. Highest Power
10. I Kill Everything I Fu*k (The AIDS Song)
11. Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me

Official Website: http://www.ggallin.com
Official Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gg_allin

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