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Hasbro’s: “Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series” Agent Venom Action Figure

Spider-Man fans everywhere will be eager to own this new figure in the Marvel Legends Infinite Series since it brings the questionable heroism of Agent Venom to their playing field. Check him out below his logo. Please note that these images were provided by Hasbro’s Press Outlet so we could get them to you nice and sleek like.

Logo - Agent Venom

In the comics, Agent Venom is actually a government operative and is the super hero/villain identity of Flash Thompson. He is a member of The Thunderbolts and according to what I read during Free Comic Book Day, also a member of The Guardians Of The Galaxy so he will work well with your collections of each of those action figure sets should you own them. Here is the open figure and you can see that he looks awesome.

hasbro toys, spider-man marvel legends infinite series, agent venom

As you see there are a lot of weapons and even some of those symbiotic tentacles to use during play. I know its not the traditional Eddie Brock Venom but I am sure going to look to add this one to my Spider-Man collection. He even looks dangerous in the package and this will stand well on your collecting shelf if you are one of those who does not open these figures up and instead keeps them boxed up nice for posterity.

hasbro toys, spider-man marvel legends infinite series, agent venom

That’s all I have for you now my readers, but stay tuned because I am planning on doing many more posts like this one and presenting them right here on the All-New PiercingMetal.com (sorry Marvel, I seem to have currently purloined your branding for dramatic purposes 🙂 Thanks Hasbro for giving collectors yet another cool Marvel Legends line action figure.

Official Website: http://www.hasbro.com

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