Happy Star Wars Day 2014 To The Metal Masses!!!

While I realize that I put most of this on my PiercingKen.com site, I am so interested in the subject matter that our wonderful Metal Legions get a posting here as well so with that said – “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….” – Those were the words that audiences across the land first experienced when the film “Star Wars” first opened in 1977 and today is the day that fans celebrate it.

Logo - Star Wars

I will admit that I never even knew that there was a “Star Wars Day” to celebrate but thanks to the “Big Bang Theory” comedy I learned about it just the other night and was happy to get to work on a quick post since this is one of my very favorite films of all time. I actually was taken to the film when it was released by my Grandmother (she liked this kind of stuff too which added to her levels of awesome to me). We saw it at the Ziegfeld in NYC if memory serves me correctly and the line was super long. Yes I still remember that waiting but it was surely worth it and I vaguely remember wanting to go back once more almost immediately. We probably did but that memory escapes me. Since that time I have probably seen the film about 100 times and I still own it on traditional VHS along with a few versions on DVD (but still not the Blu-ray set – hint, hint, hint). This is a really cool fanboy or fangirl weekend since we had Free Comic Book Day yesterday and now its Star Wars Day. Talk about a Nerdgasm (which I say without insult being a fan of ALL this kind of stuff myself for years). I know that I will be digging through the DVD library here at the Creative Command HQ so I can watch at least the first film (and by that I mean “Episode IV: A New Hope”) but this will be happening later than I might like since I do have a concert to photograph this evening. Below us lies the original film poster and seeing it just makes me smile.

Poster - Star Wars - 1978

Knowing that its Star Wars Day makes me also want to go through the boxes and see what action figures might still be in good shape to take some photos of. I collected so many of them back in the day and while these still come out and number in the hundreds nowadays, I am speaking of the original runs. Closing up I’ve embedded a number of Star Wars related items for you to investigate and these include the films, some books, along with music and toys. There is no shortage of Star Wars anything out there these days. Will you be doing anything special today? Let us know in the comments or just fill me in on what Star Wars as a franchise means to your geeking out self. I’d love to hear.

This photo is of the exceptional statues of Lord Vader and numerous Stormtroopers by Kotobukiya; I snagged this image during the 2011 Toy Fair.


“May The Fourth Be With You”

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