Happy Record Store Day 2012

It’s that time of the musical year once again and yes I am speaking about none other than Record Store Day. This is a day that fans and collector’s of the vinyl medium come out in droves in search of things that they were missing or to take advantage of the limited edition fare that is being offered up by some of the worlds greatest providers of music. It’s surely a day that harkens back to those trips that my friends and I used to take as we searched for discs of gold and rarities.

As it would be impossible to properly reflect all of the available releases and happenings for you in this little space on the web, I instead pasted their link to the main Record Store Day site so you might do a little research on your own. I would also suggest that you look into the local brick and mortar stores in your own regions to see if anything special is going on to celebrate and perhaps even up the ante just a little bit by reaching out to bands you might see on the local circuit to see if they have any vinyl’s available for purchase. Those bands need the assistance the most since everything is coming out of their pockets and not some major corporation. You might also be happy to learn that there is an available App for Droid and Apple devices.  Off the top of my head I do know that Nightwish, Mastodon, Metallica, The Misfits, The Cult, Osaka Popstar and Juicehead will all have something so keep an eye out for those items and make sure the credit card is ready for the sudden surge in purchases.

The Musical Stash

The photo above shows what remains of my own record collection. I used to have a few dozen more but some were destroyed over time, some were shared with a diehard collector and some were even sold over the years. Hell, there are even some that got borrowed and never saw my collection again and we all know how much that sucks don’t we. Do I miss the ones that are gone? Well, yes and no but I will survive. I am confident in the happiness that they will bring to their new owners every time they get listened to. I do try to snare the vinyls that come out as collections these days and secured the Motley Crue ones but am still working on locating the Slayer and Triumph releases for a reasonable sum. My collection largely consists of a lot of Metal and Hard Rock with a strong number of EP’s in the mix. I also have a healthy box of 45’s and many of those have photo covers. The medium has really come into popularity once again and I guess the saying that everything is cyclical is true. There was just such a sense of purity and discovery when music was on an LP and much more so than a CD and definitely more than a digitally downloaded piece of data. Enjoy Record Store Day my melomaniac friends, I hope you find some really cool stuff today.

Official Website: http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home

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