Happy “Metal” New Year 2019 Readers

happy new year, happy new year 2019

Greetings my friends and a “Happy New Year” to you all. Welcome to 2019 and our now annual well wish for the months to come. This year I’m doing my post a little differently and have decided to use my Instagram shot from our Official Profile there instead of doing double the work on a different photo for the website posting. Also, I am using this across the board on both of my websites for some consistency and ask that if you are not yet following the Gram for PiercingMetal or PiercingKen that you click the photo and open our page to do so. I’d love to have you along with me for the many adventures that each of these websites will be embarking on and to have you look back on the stuff that has already happened and you might have somehow missed.

I’m also including a bonus well-wishing photo from my beloved black cat Spooke because she is a very vocal cat and likes to have her opinion heard. She wouldn’t let me pose her with the silly glasses or hat so this tiara thingie would have to suffice. She is going to be “17” years old in March and has been a faithful companion since she was born.

I didn’t do anything last night for New Year’s Eve since I decided to give an early start to my January sober month a few days ago. When the New Year turned I snapped a couple of images from the TV and as you can see, the rainy night messed up the video feed. It stopped soon enough and I’m glad that the sun is shining today since I have a trek out to see family and raise a glass to the New Year and what’s to come. I will be drinking juice or soda of course.

happy new year, happy new year 2019

happy new year, happy new year 2019

happy new year, happy new year 2019

With the 2018 “Call To Action”, I felt that I pretty much hit the nail on the proverbial head better than I had ever done before so with this years rally, I’ve lightly edited those thoughts to reflect some of the things that I felt had changed in them over the course of the previous year. Let’s go.

1. Upgrade your listening to the Metal: Sure you might love to hear your old Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, KISS and the rest of the legends but in 2019 I say that it’s time to take a firm stand on some experimentation. You can start by asking those friends who own a couple of hundred more CD’s or LP’s than you for some recommendations. Then there are websites like this one that are tasked with calling your attention to what is happening. Listen to what they are saying as we are trying to advise you wisely.

2. See bands in Concert: It’s without question that some of the giant acts are almost unaffordable when it comes to their ticket prices and this is likely never going to change but I hope you region has a club that showcases smaller tier bands or promising local talent. I’ve seen some smaller places opening up that charge no more than $15 a head depending on who is playing and sometimes its even less. If you find the free time I say pop in for a couple of beers (or soda if you don’t drink) to raise the horns. It cannot be thought of as too great a cost to convene with like-minded friends for the sake of Hard Rock and Metal.

3. Give Three New Bands A Month A Try: I raised the bar on you here from last year because its even more important. They don’t have to be new per se, but new to you. I’ll even help you along with several favorites such as EdGuy, Ghost, Sabaton, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, Eluveitie, Hammerfall, Delain, Anathema, Nothing More, Wednesday 13, Amaranthe and Kobra and The Lotus, Ensiferum. As someone who enjoys all of these bands in some fashion, I’d love to be able to say that you were keyed into them because of our recommendation. New bands to your world will only broaden your interest and help them thrive at the end of the day. There will be a quiz.

4. Facebook Pages: Peruse the Facebook Pages for bands or outlets such as our PiercingMetal Official Page. Be sure to “like” these pages and choose “see first” (because otherwise the posts will get lost in the myriad of political rants out there). It’s also important to engage yourself on these pages since I think Facebook removes the inactive readers. Some of our readers like every post we make and every photo we post, and that helps the page keep visible. Facebook makes it hard on Pages that don’t pay them so your activity adds value. We also suggest you “invite your friends” to Pages that you like as opposed to posting a recommendation on your wall. We’ve seen the first option work best. Essentially with stuff like this, the more of you that are present the better our reach for the cause can be. Let’s do this together. Our relevant links will be at the close.

5. Instagram: Find accounts based on Metal that you love. It might be an artist, a record label or an outlet like our own. Once you are following it, like bomb the hell out of it since it makes the stats go up for the account. Never a bad thing. We use some of the other social networks but these two are the most active.

6. Buy Merch: Whether it be at shows or at a local retailer, its important to show your love for the Heavy. Grab a t-shirt, a poster or banner or a patch and button (if you are one who sports such things still). If you buy merchandise at the shows, drop a buck or two into the tip jar to help the band out. Sometimes they write silly reasons for collecting the cash but its generally going to food or gas money. Trust me on this one and you should be able to spare an additional buck.

7. Read About The Music: There are SOOOOO many biographies out there nowadays that your book shelf can be loaded with books about the rich history of the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock scene. If you’re a comic book fan you can apply this to reading something new as well from the racks or the shelves where they have scores of collected editions. Dare I say that “Reading Is Funda-Metal???” – okay moving along LOL.

8. Comment on Posts: This one is website specific and falls into the engagement part that was cited in the Facebook notation. With this one I mean on the actual website that a post resides on because for a web-developer, they want your comments on there as opposed to relegating it only to Facebook. Many of our readers copy and paste the comment they make in one place over to the other and that is fine by me. The idea is to keep traffic coming to a domain and with our Facebook posts, they are direct links back to content as opposed to placing the whole thing on the social network. Don’t be belligerent or argumentative of course because those kinds of comments are often discarded by moderators.

9. Be A Proper Metal Fan: Don’t be one of the naysayers, the haters or the belligerent when someone is telling you about something that they like to listen to. If your friends are raving about Metalcore bands, don’t brush them off with a “they suck”. Instead ask what is the best few tracks so you can give it a whirl. If its not for you simply say it like that and be done. I hate when people rail on each other like this. Drives me crazy. Don’t be that person. I don’t like a whole lot of the acts my friends do but I will never discount their views on what makes them happy.

10. Be A Prophet: Talk to your like-minded music loving friends about the finds that you have made and how you’ve aimed at supporting it all to hopefully convince them to do the same. This one isn’t easy to do because some of your friends might feel that their love for Black Sabbath and Maiden to be all that needs to be done as far as they are concerned. Sadly, that view doesn’t keep Metal and Rock thriving at all.

Okay I will stop with the soapboxing for the first post of the year. I hope that you found some of those yearly principles to be helpful guides in being a better Metalhead. If I’ve somehow left a notion or two out of the list please leave me your thoughts down in the comments section below. You can also let me know how you have resolved to be a bigger and better supporter of the scene that we love so much. Now its onto the planning of posts of numerous kinds for 2019 and believe me I have a full plate of Heavy Music and Pop Culture. Let’s make this a fantastic one. Happy New Year.

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