Happy Metal New Year 2016 My Friends

Hey there readers, I just wanted to make sure to wish you a very Happy New Year 2016 and considering what we do here on PiercingMetal, let me say this as a Happy Metal New Year 2016. I hope that your 2015 ended without many issues or complaints and that the road ahead for us all in 2016 is going to be one awesome path of good times, great music and special memories.


For the last couple of years I’ve been adding a little “How To Be A Better Metalhead” in the new year and this time around I feel that I might repeat myself with these notations but its stuff that needs to be said. I will keep it brief in number and cite a few things that really are needed nowadays. Check them out below the next image.


1. Go To Metal Shows: Considering the lackluster support that I saw for the 2015 Mayhem Festival AND the Motorhead gig with Anthrax at Jones Beach Theater I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be in attendance at these shows. The Mayhem Fest decided to call it a day with this last go round based on the losses it encountered and as you all know far too well, there will never be any Motorhead shows anymore with the passing of Lemmy Kilmister only a few days ago. These are only two examples of course but among the most glaring in my memories from 2015. I have seen far too many shows cancelled, have barely a crowd or get moved to a way smaller place based on the advance sales. A lot of these are cheap as hell to attend and while I know that a lot of people might go to see bands like Rush three or four times……the price of those few tickets would cover you for more than 12 shows at most venues around. Give it a try as you might surprise yourself.

2. Find Your Inner Detective: There are television and radio outlets for Metal that cater to the same old things over and over again and really limit the expansion of the genre by doing so and in the same sense divide its fans. Most Metal fans already know that bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are necessary staples so there is no need to be reminded of this at every turn. If you find yourself following that pack and not having too much in your arsenal then be a detective and open up Spotify and see what else is out there. Generally when you start looking into one band a number of suggestions get made and are worthy of your time. If you get lost, do a Google search for something like this “name bands that are related to Judas Priest”. If “Power Metal” proves to your liking, search that of Folk, or Viking etc. For good measure I’ll leave a bunch of recommendations at the end of these thoughts and I will not say anything more than their names.

3. Get Social With Metal: Social Networking remains the Wild, Wild West for a lot of outlets such as PiercingMetal and the bands that are using them as well. As a Metal fan, you hold some serious power in your hands with your ability to extend their reach. With Facebook you have to “Like” a page for a performer or outlet while the Twitter and Instagram stuff requires you to follow them. Since there is strength in numbers the more outlets that you offer up this bit of love for the better. Its also smart to do what they call “like bombing” on the posts that are made since it awakens these networks to the activity for your outlet. I learned this last one from a younger cousin who suddenly realized what I do as being “cool” and proceeded to like every single photo that was posted on both Instagram and the official Facebook page. If you’re liking any of our socials thanks so much as its appreciated. Try not to be a “ghost follower”. That was another thing the younger cousin mentioned and this is apparently just a like with no interaction. I chuckled to myself at not knowing some of the newer terms but now I do. Also, its very important that you tell people about the social mediums you like. King’s X has a song called “Go Tell Somebody” and it speaks to generating more of a fanbase so using that methodology if you like what you see here then shout it out from the rooftops or even easier suggest that your own circle of friends come like the pages and follow the various accounts.

4. Comment On Posts You Read: This is not specific to the Social Networking side of things but more for the website stuff itself. Personally speaking, I find it of much more value to any of my narratives if the topical comments get left on the actual posts here on the site as opposed to my Facebook or as a response in Twitter. Yeah it takes all of an extra moment or three to do on the comment writer side but if you’ve got something awesome to add I really want you to add it here since more people are seeing the site than our Facebook page. Give it a try if you’ve not already done so. Now that the website is being served up in WordPress there is the means to comment on every single posting which was not even remotely possible with the old version of the website.

5. Buy Merchandise At Shows: This really connects to the first topic but yeah buying merchandise at the actual show for the band often goes right into their pocket which is a good thing. This is especially important for those “smaller” acts that you might even find working their own tables prior to and after their set. The money is used to get something to eat, keep the van gassed up and of course let’s them buy more merchandise from their labels to sell to you or make more shirts. You didn’t think that stuff was free for them did you? Another good thing about purchasing merchandise at the shows is that you often get to meet the bands at these tables and even get some stuff signed or a cool selfie with your favorite performer. That doesn’t happen with the mega giants who have the high priced meet and greet packages so act while you can. If I had a dollar for every friend whose picture I took with someone at these shows, I would have been able to pay the site fees for a few years.

Keeping those few items on your actions list will likely make your Metal Appreciation a little more impacting and who doesn’t want that. As I’ve said, here’s a bunch of recommendations of some bands that I am listening to or reviewing on the website or both. I’ve already stated how I’m only going to line out the names of the groups and the rest is up to you. Expand your musical mind and let me know what you think in the comments below if you should check any of them out. Some are old and some are more new to keep this interesting while others might make you shake your head at me for even writing them down. Here we go: Nightwish, Kamelot, Amarananthe, Sabaton, Freedom Call, Ghost, Santa Cruz, Grave Digger, Sonata Arctica, Volbeat, Symphony X, Kobra and The Lotus, Edge Of Paradise, Otherwise, Lamb Of God, Sister Sin and Epica. That should be enough to get you started and each should lead you to something else that might impress. Now let’s get started on making this New Year 2016 something we shall never forget.

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