Happy Metal New Year 2015 Everyone!


Hails and Happy Metal New Year 2015 my Legions; Welcome to the newness and please know that I wish you and your families the very best of all things in these coming months. As you can see below, I was heading out and entertaining braving the city to see what silliness I could find for myself but with no scheduled Metal show on my plate and the fact that it was super cold outside I changed my mind but not before snapping this photo for you.

metal new year, ken pierce

Once I came to my senses I just chilled out with some good Metal and a couple of beers and stayed away from the mayhem in order to map our some initial plans for a productive year and to give you this visual below. I loved these glasses and should have done this for the last couple of years photos. Next time for sure. So now let’s talk about 2015 and Metal.

metal new year, ken pierce,

I’m sure you already know how to live a better Metal life but in case you need some refresher course here we go with a few points on how you can keep our favorite genre so vital and interesting.

1. Go To Shows: Yes, a simple one and not just the big shows like Slayer and Priest and the like but the smaller level shows that play venues like Gramercy, Irving, B.B. King’s and so on. These shows are the ones that truly need your support and if you have never heard about some of the bands playing, use that Internet stuff to do a little searching. You might be pleasantly surprised.

2. Purchase Metal Releases: Its harder and harder to find the quality stuff at the retail shops but Amazon.com is awesome to find just about everything and also for a very good price. You can also go to flea markets and garage sales to see what might be up for grabs. I am speaking about both music and video releases or vinyl if you are becoming a fan of that medium again.

3. Buy Something At Shows: At shows consider purchasing something from the bands merchandise booth. Its by doing this that you help the band directly and especially at these smaller shows. Sometimes you will find out of issue music or artwork by a band member or even a limited edition tee shirt. It also helps to toss a buck into the tip jar because that is often really used for gas or cheap eats no matter what it says. I stress it like this based on my having seen some very clever tip jar markings.

4. Support Sites About Metal: There are hundreds or thousands of Metal related websites out there to enjoy when it comes to bands, magazines and even the web only resources like our own PiercingMetal.com – Believe me the more traffic these things bring in the more it encourages their creatives to push the envelope for the genres benefit.

5. Add Comments To Said Sites: Do this on the sites as well as their social networks because they took the time to compose something for you and have you find it on whatever social you chanced upon. Speaking for me, as much as I love seeing comments on things that I post to the Facebook Page for the site, it matters most to me when I see it on the actual article and that is because not every reader we have is on our Facebook to see it and it broadens the value of said piece.

6. Participate in Social Networks: Speaking of the social networks, there are tons of these that are focused on bands and musical personality and even record labels. Obviously the websites such as this one have their own socials and we welcome participation on that as well. If you like what you see then encourage your friends to come like or follow it as well. I noted in the recent Editorial how PiercingMetal.com uses all of the major socials as leads to the content on the site.

7. Talk Up Bands You Like: If you are hanging out with friends and talking about the genre, by all means feel free to talk up the bands you are enjoying. What is the worst that can be said to you? “Hey I don’t like this” and if that happens FINE. Move onto the next exciting thing you know about. On the same token make note of the bands your friends tell you about to investigate them.

8. See Opening Bands: Let’s us a couple of the recent shows that have happened in NYC or are coming up. So you purchased tickets to see Kamelot and you see that bands like Delain and Eklipse are opening up. Well, get to the show in time to see those bands because they might blow you away. They might even be at their merchandise tables for you to get a candid shot for you to use on your social nets to impress all of your friends. I can hear the oohs and ahhs already. Try to do this especially if they are national or international acts because you never know when or if they will return again. Of course if you are stuck at work you cannot do this but I find the practice of catching the first label opening act to be a rewarding experience. Plus for me its something else to add to my creative output right here on the site and that never hurts traffic.

Those suggestions should suffice since they cover a wide variety of practices and since I do this already I can attest that its entirely possible. Closing up let me again say Happy New Year. Let me know how you plan to have a Metal New Year 2015, I’ll leave the comments open for you to do that and don’t forget to find our Social Networks and participate. You can find them right next to this article 🙂

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