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Hey there Metal Legions, its Halloween here in our grand Metropolis and I just love this particular day so much that I wanted to wish you a great one and also dish out this years Halloween Photo. This one was done at the recent PDN Photoplus Expo where I was exploring with our good buddy Skeleton Pete who kindly snapped the shot. I’d seen this Vader mask during some shopping travels and wanted to pick one up since it was just perfect for this type of post but since a vendor at the expo had one for passerby to selfie with I just used theirs. Problem solved.


With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” being all the rage thanks to the recently released extended trailer (which you can see on THIS LINK if you haven’t yet) I should be saying stuff like “You don’t know the power of the Metal Side” to be dramatic and add to the hype. Now its time to wander the streets and enjoy the costumed characters that are walking about and hope to avoid any flying eggs and shaving cream assaults. Those are still practices on Halloween right or am I dating myself? Have a safe but super fun Halloween my friends and if you are looking for thematic reviews on the website might I suggest you do some searches for Misfits, Lordi, Wednesday 13 and so forth.

Oh and if you’re interested at all, I have already posted my yearly Halloween Decorations that were observed over the last month over on my PiercingKen.com site. You can check that post out by clicking THIS LINK.

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