Happy “Free Comic Book Day” 2015

Yes my friends in Geekdom you have read that correctly because today is “Free Comic Book Day” and that means exactly what it sounds like. Its that first Saturday in May where numerous comic shop retailers will be dishing out selected comic books for absolutely free to the general public.

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As you know we have been doing a lot of comic book stuff here on the PiercingMetal site whether it be covering the NY Comic Con or lining out the details of the latest issues from the folks at Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Valiant and more. That being said I am super stoked when the retailers and these companies decide to give a little back to their customers. I wanted to post this early enough in the day so readers were into a cup of coffee and something to eat before heading out to get online for some freebies. This is the comic book fan version of Record Store Day and while the main provisions will be free, there are also numerous sales going on that will make you want to have some cash along as well.

Galaxy Comics
Galaxy Comics

My local comic book store is Galaxy Comics (seen in the photo above) and I have been hitting them for “Free Comic Book Day” for a couple of years now so you know where you will find me at some point tomorrow. In addition to the free stuff they will be offering 4 comics for $5 on the back issues along with a nice discount on trade paperback editions. They’re located right next to the Alpine Theater in Bay Ridge Brooklyn so you can go to see “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” as well when you are finished. I’m seeing the film next week with Skeleton Pete so its going to be hard to be so close and not wander in “by accident”.

Official Website: http://www.freecomicbookday.com

Speaking of trade paperbacks here are a few recently released items that you might find interesting.

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