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Happy 30th Anniversary To Metal Blade Records (1982-2012)

Wowza, wowza. Talk about a milestone and something that is definitely worthy of some congratulations and a heaping dose of kudos. Metal Blade Records is celebrating their 30th year of operation and one of the coolest aspect of this is more than just the tenure, its the fact that it has been a primarily Metal focused label since its inception way back when record store employee Brian Slagel decided to start up the label to support the local regions Heavy Metal bands. The first ever album that was released under the Metal Blade Records brand was a compilation release entitled “The New Heavy Metal Revue presents Metal Massacre”; this album featured Metallica, Ratt, Black and Blue and many others at a time when all of these groups were relative unknowns. I actually thought I had this on LP somewhere but was wrong. I have a different but still ancient compilation. Oh well. Perhaps they will re-release this on CD to celebrate the iconic 30th year. Historically speaking, I think this original album came out in June of 1982, so we are very likely close to the actual launch date of the record company at this point in time. With that being the case there is no better time to jump into the fray with our congratulatory toast.

The label is currently the home to some of my own favorites in the Metal world and these include King Diamond, Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Between The Buried And Me, Primordial, Hate Eternal, Primordial, Falconer, Black Dahlia Murder and GWAR. I’ll stop there because I know that I could easily keep going but let me honestly state that there are many more who I enjoy listening to and I am sure you readers are in agreement with me on those named as being some truly powerful acts who regularly hold the sword of Heavy Metal high for our benefit. I always felt there was something imposing about the original logo that they used below. When you saw this visual you just knew that there was Metal to be found in close proximity. Of course, in today’s ever-changing music world, the label has even opted to offer the fans a couple of comedy albums as the hosts from VH1 Classics “That Metal Show” have found themselves delivering their standup routines to anyone who might be interested in that kind of thing. It’s a little different for sure, but one thing Metal Blade Records has never done was go through a Pop phase, a Disco phase or a Country one. When you looked to Metal Blade Records, it was for Metal. End of story and I am not complaining.

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I have to say that Metal Blade Records was also one of the very first labels that we started doing articles about their artist output for when was launched seven years ago and this is still a practice that is done whenever possible to this very day. Clicking HERE will bring you to a rundown of all of our articles for the Metal Blade Records artist roster in terms of product releases, concert performances, photo galleries and more. As our readers know full well, we take a lot of live concert photos from all of the shows that we attend and if you wanted to enjoy the full on run of Metal Blade Records artists on the live stage you should be able to see them in that link as well.

So on behalf of the website, I send congratulations again Mr. Slagel for a job well done and for serving as an inspiration to any Metal head with a sound idea who is brave enough to run with the ball. Here is to the next thirty years. I raise a glass to you with one hand and hold the horns up high with the other. Thanks for being the Metal constant and for being the place that brought me bands that few others were willing to do so many years ago.

Learn more about the Metal Blade Records company via their Official Wikipedia Entry HERE

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