“Happy 2112 Day” Because It’s 2-1-12 Today :)

Today is February 1st, 2012 but if you write it out in numbers alone it’s 2-1-12. Get rid of those little dashes and you will see it as “2112” which I guess in some sense makes this a day to celebrate the band Rush. Why not? So today let me as the Master and Commander of the PiercingMetal Enterprise wish you all a very Happy 2112 Day. I have to say that we love Rush over here at the command center and while I’ve not yet examined the entire catalog in terms of review, there is a decent amount of content for you to enjoy on the website. I’ll link to that stuff down below but first here is a photograph to commemorate the day.

Silly I know, and I actually used this before over on the PiercingKen blog after a trip to Atlantic City. Since I didn’t have all that many images with such numbers on them, I decided to use this one more time for good measure. I hope you’ll forgive me for this but I had limited resources and really wanted to have a photo along with this wish.

That being said, please check out our existing website content for the almighty Rush by clicking HERE. Since PiercingMetal is an ever expanding thing you diehards can be rest assured that the band will continue to be reviewed and added to the site as time goes forward. There is a very expansive catalog to feature after all.

Thanks for listening. Now please continue along with your day and I’ll see you all again soon with more concert reviews and other Metal industry related thoughts that I come up with.

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