Gwynbleidd @ Ace Of Clubs (9/19/2009)

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Artist: Gwynbleidd
Venue: Ace Of Clubs (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 9/19/2009
Label: Burning Curran Music

My day was already off to a good start as earlier this evening I had attended an appearance of Chris Caffery from Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra who had done an almost acoustic gig over at the Flushing Queens Library Theatre. The show was my second in the span of almost one day and as luck would have it, on the way home based on the timing of Chris’ gig, I would be able to hit the Ace Of Clubs for a set of music delivered by Gwynbleidd. The name might be new to some of you but I have to admit that I have been nothing less than impressed with what I have heard from them since they sent me their EP “Amaranthine” a couple of years ago.

I’ve seen a couple of great shows down at the Ace Of Clubs and among them Warrior Soul, Graveyard BBQ and Hung and now it would be Gwynbleidd’s chance to deliver the goods for the nicely crowded space. I was able to sit with one of the band members and enjoy a pint of the Acme Restaurant’s house ale and talk about their newest release which is entitled “Nostalgia”. Having heard the record a couple of months ago already I knew everyone downstairs was in for a treat. The band features four members in Maciej Kupiszewski (rhythm guitar/dark vocals), Michal Kacunel (lead guitar/clean vocals), Adam Romanowski (drums) and Jakub Kupiszewski (bass) and together they deliver a blend of Melodic Death Metal that offers the listeners elements of Doom and an Atmospheric or Progressive vibe. The work put into the release was impressive so I was excited to see them execute this stuff live.

While Michal does the clean vocals, the emphasis of the singing is handled primarily by Maciej who sings the growling stuff and they would begin with “Stormcalling” from “Nostalgia” and as the set continued its run it appeared that most of the music would come from this forthcoming album. The CD’s title track would be next and prove to be very powerful in the live sense. They had won me over immediately based on the textures of the melodies and how well they seemed to work together. A new song was presented to the crowd via “Thawing Innocence” and this proved that the guys will have other stuff ready to go once the new stuff has made the proper rounds and for those who might have owned the EP for a long time, they would deliver “Awakening” from it. Don’t feel too bad if you don’t have this EP though because two songs from it were re-recorded for “Nostalgia” and those were the title track and “New Setting” which was not played this evening. Needless to say, I was impressed and was left wanting more when they completed their short set of six songs.

The album comes out officially on 10/27/2009 and can be ordered online via among many other providers and its something that really should be looked into. In the live sense these guys were showing that they are rising stars of the genre and they are a band that I will see again when the schedule allows me to do so. Having finally seen them perform live, I can say that if you are a fan of bands like Swallow The Sun or even perhaps Opeth in some sense that you will really get into what Gwynbleidd does. Be sure to hit their MySpace page to see when they are going to appear near you and trust me that you will not regret it. Nice work guys, I hope that this album gets the attention that it deserves. Ace Of Clubs is also worth visiting since they present a number of bands in one night for a cheap price. The sound is good and things tend to run on time or at least they have when I paid a visit. Add to that the kick ass restaurant upstairs with good food and beers and it’s a fun time.

Set List:
1. Stormcalling
2. Nostalgia
3. Stare Into The Sun
4. Thawing Innocence
5. Awakening
6. Canvas For Departure

Official Website:

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