“Grime Vs Grandeur” by Falconer

Artist: Falconer
Title: “Grime V.s Grandeur”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 5/3/2005
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 8/10

The newest release by Falconer is certainly a great follow up to 2003’s “Sceptre Of Deception” as once again Stefan Weinerhall has composed a solid slab of Metal for fans new and old. If this is your first time even hearing the name then this CD is something that will definitely make enjoying them a very easy task. There is so much in the terms of kick ass song writing and riffing that even I was impressed at first listen. I admit that I liked “Sceptre” and the band but one must take each release as a separate entity these days. There are a couple of differences that listeners should be aware about the band this time around. For starters the line up has changed with the mutual quit/firing of Anders and Peder from the last recording. They are ably replaced by Jimmy Hedlund (guitar) and Magnus Linhardt (bass). The other difference is that this is straight ahead Metal and not an epic story like the last one was. There are individual songs rather than connected segments that require a full CD listen to get the impact of. Weinerhall and Gobel each split the writing for this album and I feel that this allowed Gobel to really develop his own identity in the band this time around. On “Sceptre” he was new to the line up and performing ready to record material. Being responsible for 25% of the album makes this better for him and the group as a whole. “Emotional Skies” kicks the release off and lets you know that you are in for a metal treat. Great chops and a sing along chorus that will make you raise a glass of whatever very high as you join in the vocals. Weinerhall’s guitar work is just as good as the last release and on “Power” both axe wielders showcase their skills. On “The Assailant” I was reminded of early Krokus from around their “Headhunter” years due to the drive this track held. “Child Of The Wild” closes the recording with a slamming dose of double bass and lightning guitar that I think even the most discerning critic will like. It’s a consistent recording and shows a musical skill that should gain a lot of fans for Falconer. They join a sad number of bands that are excellent but under exposed due to the ever-changing Music Industry. Let’s hope that bands like Hammerfall and EdGuy see it in the cards to bring them over when they again tour.

Falconer has proved to me on this recording that there is something about them that more people should look into. If you are a fan of Power Metal and traditional feel Heavy music then I think you have room in your CD Collection for some Falconer. Give it a shot because I think they are here to stay.

Track Listing:
1. Emotional Skies
2. Purgatory Time
3. Refuse
4. Humanity Overdose
5. The Assailant
6. Power
7. No Tears For Strangers
8. The Return
9. Jack The Knife
10. Child Of The Wild

Official Web site: www.falconermusic.com


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