“Gretsch Day 2011” Celebration Coverage (6/18/2011)

As a music journalist and photographer I am often fortunate enough to embark on a number of widely varied adventures.  I started this whole passion out just doing reviews of CD’s and some Concerts and eventually expanded into a batch of other things.  The blog you enjoy as an extension of the site allowed me to explore more avenues and interests but even that was not enough at the end of the day.  That led me to launch the PiercingKen.com blog site so I could share more photography adventures and the like with a potentially different readership.  Sometimes there are musical happenings featured over there and that led me to use it for the recent Gretsch Day being celebrated in my Bay Ridge neighborhood.  Since it was not ensconced in the Metal fires that I normally stoke I decided to share it with you all over there.  I also wanted to post this little “direction sign” for you all to be able to get it fast, so just click the logo below to be taken right to it.  It was surely a fun filled day, so I hope you like the presentation.  I welcome you to any of the other offerings as well since it showcases many other aspects of film and life in general as I see it.

Please note that I’ve disabled comments on this particular posting as these words are only a traffic sign to the full article over on my PiercingKen.com website.  Thoughts about the day can be left there should you want to offer up some opinions.

Official Website: http://www.gretsch.comhttp://www.gretsch.com

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