“Greatest Video Hits” by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Greatest Video Hits”
Label: Capitol Records
Release Date: 6/5/2001
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 8/10

When it comes down to the depiction of the Hard Rock scene of the eighties Poison is one of the first who comes to mind when you think of “HAIR METAL”. Whether you loved the band and found them brilliant or hated everything that they stood for and called them posers there was to be no denying that they made an impact on the music scene of the time. The band was an immediate hit on MTV and frequently held the highest positions in their top ten video countdowns; mind you this was a regular occurrence because back then MTV actually showed videos and the Hard Rock scene of the 80’s was one of the things that fostered this networks growth as a pending super power. During their heyday, this band was not on my list of favorites but even though this was the case I thought that their videos were always a lot of fun. They were young, playing hard rock music and every scenario showcased a lot of fun antics going on. They all looked like they were having a good time and they always seemed to land the best-looking girls in all of these films. These factors led to a large part of the bands appeal for it seemed like they were all living the Rock and Roll dream of stardom and success. What teenager did not long for a life like that when it came down to it. Looking back on these videos, some which I have not seen in many years made me realize the band in a different light. In today’s world the music of Poison is considered “Classic Hard Rock” and along with artists like Cinderella, and Ratt (all who still tour in some fashion) formed the larger part of the “Hair Metal” genre. The title is somewhat unfair because even though the hair was big and loaded with spray the bands could perform and always would give the audience a time they would not forget. The 17 videos featured on this DVD will bring you back in time when you begin watching. If you were one of those who grew up along with MTV and voted in those countdowns then most of these videos will be as clear as a bell to your memory and probably bring back other recollections from the time.

I’m glad that groups started issuing full collections of their videos because I remember when taping them was the rage as fans would sit in front of the television for hours hoping to catch the “video they needed to have them all”. Now those old and worn tapes can be safely discarded and in their place the nice DVD case can sit for them to enjoy crystal clear versions time and time again. While never the Poison maven I loved “Fallen Angel”, “Ride The Wind” and “Nothin’ But A Good Time”; to this day these are quality Rock songs and they still sound fresh in their overall simplicity. The ballad fans will appreciate “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and “Something To Believe In” being present as these particular videos had such emotion to them, especially the latter one which was dedicated to their friend who had passed away just prior to the recording of the track. The videos are tied together with some stock footage of the band and their various antics but sadly there is not much of a booklet included with this release. It would be a nice plus to showcase some great stills from the time yet it was not done. So find yourself some spandex, a lot of accessories and a few bottles of hair spray (if you can still use it heheh) and set aside a little while to have “Nothin’ But A Good Time” with Poison as they take you down memory lane.

Song Listing:
1. Cry Tough
2. I Want Action
3. Talk Dirty To Me
4. I Won’t Forget You
5. Nothin’ But A Good Time
6. Fallen Angel
7. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
8. Your Mama Don’t Dance
9. Unskinny Bop
10. Ride The Wind
11. Something To Believe In
12. Life Goes On
13. (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice
14. So Tell Me Why
15. Stand
16. Until You Suffer Some (Fire & Ice)
17. Power To The People

Official Web site: www.poisonweb.com

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