“Grace Under Pressure” (DVD) by Rush

Artist: Rush
Title: “Grace Under Pressure”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 5/1/2007
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 4/5

When Rush decided to release “Replay x3” they would sate the hungry appetites of fans who had been begging for the classic VHS films from the bands archives to be finally delivered on DVD. Wrapped in a colorful box it featured the videos for “Exit Stage Left”, “Grace Under Pressure” and “A Show Of Hands” – all of which had been out of print for decades. The amazing package included mini programs from each tour that was presented on the film. 2007 would find each of these films being released individually so now the fans that felt the boxed set was not to their liking needed only purchase the film that they hold closest to their hearts. These individual releases also include the same mini program as the boxed set and no other differences exist.

Grace Under Pressure: Originally the second DVD in the boxed set, Rush’s “Grace Under Pressure” show had a number of things going for it with the top part being it was one of the only tours where all three parts of the “Fear” trilogy were performed at the same time. Having the chance to deliver this to fans in a concert film of the time made it all the more special. The medium was growing steadily and finding acceptance as fans rushed to purchase visual reminders of their favorite performers in concert. This film also saw considerable exposure on the MTV network which was still in its infancy and when Rock music held more solid ground on it. Given this was the second video that the band had released one could tell that the means for such a production had improved and as result this was a much cleaner and clearer product. I watched this concert on MTV quite a few times and then on VHS when it finally came out. While it’s a little short in terms of the number of included songs, such releases were not yet as commonplace and didn’t feature tons of stuff. The highlights are the presentation of “Fear” as well as new classics like “New World Man” and “Distant Early Warning”. Older and more venerated numbers are here but there is not an over concentration on them and is pretty much left to the concert standards and expectations.

The same applies for this release as the other individuals from the “Replay x3” boxed set in that this is more for completists or for those fans who only like this particular film. Either way, its pricing is affordable enough to buy it even if you own the box.

Track Listing:
1. The Spirit Of Radio
2. The Enemy Within
3. The Weapon
4. Witch Hunt
5. New World Man
6. Distant Early Warning
7. Red Sector “A”
8. Closer To The Heart
9. Medley: YYZ, The Temples Of Syrinx, Tom Sawyer
10. Vital Signs
11. Medley: Finding My Way, In The Mood

Official Website: www.rush.com

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