Goodbye To Riff Clothing NYC (4/29/2012)

As my readers already know, there is a lot of live concert coverage on and whenever possible the goal is to seek out the new and exciting ways that some establishments are presenting it to the general public. With that being the case, I was absolutely intrigued and hoped to be as supportive as possible when I learned that Riff Clothing NYC down on the Lower East Side was having live music each and every Saturday. Riff Clothing was a quirky little Rock & Roll clothing shop that was holding residence in the Morrison Hotel Gallery. This same space was once the CBGB’s Gallery, and located right next to the legendary now shuttered CBGB’s club.

Riff Clothing NYC on The Bowery

In addition to selling all sorts of super cool stage wear and vintage looking shirts they had topical books and accessories along with amazing photographs of some truly awesome music personality. In the rear of the shop they had a full on back line of amplifiers and speaker cabinets along with a full on quality drum kit and this is what separated them from the pack because in this space we got free Rock and Roll music almost each and every week. Sounds pretty cool right? You bet your sweet patoot it was cool and we were able to enjoy a performance by our Finnish friends in Naked on St. Patrick’s Day of all things. I’ve linked that below for your indulgence. Just after that show I learned how the store was risking closure since the proprietor felt it was not earning what he hoped it would so discounts were offered and I was even permitted to showcase said discounts with our PiercingMetal Facebook page but unfortunately it was too late and not enough as the stage lights were dimmed and the doors closed for good yesterday afternoon. What a shame.

Riff Manager Vicky Vale, PiercingMetal Ken and Friend

I was really saddened by the closure of Riff even after only really going to one event because the overall premise was super cool. Yes the bands might not have been getting paid in the conventional sense but on the same token they were getting to perform for new people in a manner that made it all the more pure Rock and Roll. The music scene suffers when something unique goes away but that is sadly out of our control. On behalf of PiercingMetal I wish the managers of the space (Vicky Vale and Rick Edwards) the very best of luck going forward and cross our fingers that they can return like the Phoenix and bring something like this to life again. Please keep us posted if you do. We’d be happy to lend the required support.

As I mentioned up in the other paragraph, I got to enjoy a performance by two of the members of the band Naked. You can enjoy that article and photos and even some video by clicking HERE.

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