Goodbye To East Village Radio (5/23/2014)

They say that all good things must come to an end and some time after one of the broadcasts completes, the much loved East Village Radio down on the Lower East Side will shut off its microphones, disconnect its Internet feeds and say goodbye to its loyal listeners.   The service was provided free to the general public and survived thanks to volunteer broadcasters and donations but in the end the cost to cover licensing for the music that was being played was just too great to bear and now its lights out.

Logo - East Village Radio

Truth be told I was never a big supporter of this particular outlet but would recommend it around to musicians I knew or tourists so they could see what it was all about. As you can see by the photo below that I took in 2011, the station broadcast live 24/7 from an East Village storefront. It was visible to passerby and sometimes the hosts would call people in from the streets to keep it interesting and dynamic. I listened every now and again but I am not one whose easily able to sit and explore this kind of medium since I am always out doing my own photography or music investigations. When I wind down its for a little television and if not for my DVR I would never catch anything. The closure still saddens me since the station has been a valued part of the NYC Music Scene for just over a decade with its start in 2003. You might be amused to learn that it initially was a true broadcast across the airwaves before it became an Internet exclusive presentation. There was a little of everything to be found on the station and its programming while erratic to the eye at first glance, clearly had its audience.


To the creators and providers of entertainment over at EVR, thanks for giving The Big Apple something different and interesting night after night. It could not have been easy to make this decision and it just goes to show you were music is heading as far as Internet goes. Its not often fresh on the conventional airwaves that’s for sure and it was providers and entertainers such as these folks that braved the storm to give what was demanded. Keep up with the stations online site while its still active. I do not know how long this will be kept as a domain with the station ending its broadcast but perhaps its been secured for awhile and will be kept for news on broadcasters and how you can find those you enjoyed over the years with this resource gone. Thanks for the music East Village Radio. Signing off now.

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