“Gold” by Rush

Artist: Rush
Title: “Gold”
Label: Mercury/Universal Records
Release Date: 4/25/2006
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 9/10

Using their effective “Gold” formula Universal Music gives us Rush “Gold”, a double CD Anthology that takes a short cut on the recently established format. Instead of deciding what to include on this album the decision was made to re-issue the two individual “Retrospective” albums together under this new title. There is a song for song duplication with one minor exception of the track “Something For Nothing” being replaced by “Working Man”. At the end of the day this is a better track for an Anthology piece and while this is not a CD for the Rush fanatic it is a great CD to give you a fair introduction to a wide amount of the bands hits if you never followed them. The album art for this two CD set was perhaps the only disappointing aspect of it as instead of decent liner notes and ample photos we simply get the album covers the same way they were represented on the original releases. Given the chance that new fans would lean to this CD, having a good background on Rush history would have been a smart way to go for the “Gold” release. The package contains songs from the first “Rush” album all the way to “Hold Your Fire” and given the fact that five more studio albums had come out since the time that this collection ends, perhaps a third CD should have been included to reflect the full catalog. Overall, I admit to liking this collection more than the original “Chronicles” or “The Spirit Of Radio” collections. “Gold” features every track on the latter listing for those that wanted some reference and you might be able to move both of these out of your collection in order to add this one in.

Those that pursue a level of completeness on band releases might have a problem with that, but in my opinion an anthology that allows me to get rid of a couple of separate greatest packages is a winner in my book. The collected work here has also been through the remaster process giving you a more clean and powerful sound. There is a lot of great music on the two CD’s and it’s a great way to get some more folks into Rush, one of the earliest examples of Progressive Metal and legends in the Progressive Rock field for over 25 years.

Track Listing:
1. The Spirit Of Radio
2. The Trees
3. Freewill
4. Xanadu
5. Bastille Day
6. By-Tor And The Snow Dog
7. Anthem
8. Closer To The Heart
9. 2112 Overture
10. The Temples Of Syrinx
11. La Villa Strangiato
12. Fly By Night
13. Finding My Way
14. Working Man
15. The Big Money
16. Red Barchetta
17. Subdivisions
18. Time Stand Still
19. Mystic Rhythms
20. The Analog Kid
21. Distant Early Warning
22. Marathon
23. The Body Electric
24. Mission
25. Limelight
26. Red Sector A
27. New World Man
28. Tom Sawyer
29. Force Ten

Official Website: www.rush.com

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