“Gold” by Cream

Artist: Cream
Title: “Gold”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 4/26/2005
Genre: Rock
Rating: 5/5

There have been a number of Cream “Best of” collections over the years and this is arguably the best Cream compilation available. Gold is a combination of studio and live tracks that show why Cream’s music has endured for so long. Even though Cream’s active years were only1966 through 1968, their influence is still felt today with their combination of Blues, Jazz, freeform jamming and Psychedelia.
If you have never really checked out Cream this disk is a great place to start. Gold is an excellent collection that is a testament to why Cream is one of the greatest bands in Rock.

Track List:
1. I Feel Free
2. N.S.U.
3. Sweet Wine
4. I’m So Glad
5. Strange Brew
6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. World Of Pain
8. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
9. Swlabr
10. We’re Going Wrong
11. White Room
12. Sitting On The Top Of The World
13. Passing The Time
14. Politician
15. Those Were The Days
16. Born Under A Bad Sign
17. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
18. Anyone For Tennis
19. Badge
20. Doing That Scrapyard Thing
21. What A Bringdown
22. N.S.U. – live
23. Sleepy Time Time – live
24. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ – live
25. Spoonful – live
26. Crossroads – live
27. Sunshine Of Your Love – live
28. I’m So Glad – live
29. Toad – live

Official Web site: http://www.cream2005.com
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Official Web site: http://www.jackbruce.com
Official Web site: http://www.ginger-baker.com

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