“Gold” by Cinderella

Artist: Cinderella
Title: “Gold”
Label: Mercury/Universal Records
Release Date:
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

I admit that I am finding a renewed level of interest in the music of Cinderella. Out of all the bands from the hair-metal time period their unique quasi-blues style set them apart a little more than the others. The band recorded four studio albums and released a live effort and issued a couple of greatest hits packages so the long time fan and casual listener really had a good selection to partake in. Each of the studio albums had a guaranteed couple of tracks that would go the distance and find themselves in heavy rotation on the music channels of the time or rock radio. When Universal Music announced that a “Gold” release would come out I knew we listeners were in for a treat. While the fans are probably groaning at the aspect of yet another compilation album instead of a new studio release I have to say that the “Gold” series albums are so much better than the “Millennium Collections” we have seen released by the same label. Instead of 10 or so expected numbers, you get two CD’s that serve more as career spanning Anthologies. My main gripe if I could find one is that this CD does not allow me to dump the other two retrospective editions from my collection and replace them with this one. It does include a lot of the songs you already have on the originals of course and some from the other hits pieces, but the main difference is that they gave you a handful of unreleased live tracks with this one on top of everything else.

A great full-color photograph laden booklet comes inside and there is a whole history of the band and their music. I always like it when time is placed in this area, and since you hope to have people relive a lot of this music with a collection like this, sometimes reminding them of the era helps all the more. I also found that if you are someone who never managed to give the band a chance that this album will totally convince you of their Rock staying power. Clever musicianship and catchy lyrics with a soulful sound made Cinderella one of the better groups out of a really large crop of others. Here is a good chance to remember what made them a little more special.

Track Listing:
1. Bad Attitude Shuffle
2. The More Things Change
3. Don’t Know What You Got (‘Till It’s Gone)
4. Once Around The Ride
5. Shelter Me
6. The Last Mile
7. Shake Me
8. Through The Rain
9. Hard To Find The Words
10. Sick For The Cure
11. Second Wind
12. Still Climbing
13. Heartbreak Station
14. Coming Home
15. Talk Is Cheap
16. Free Wheelin’
17. One For Rock And Roll
18. Long Cold Winter
19. Hot And Bothered
20. Dead Man’s Road
21. If You Don’t Like It
22. Love Gone Bad
23. Nobody’s Fool
24. Winds Of Change
25. Long Cold Winter/Fallin’ Apart At The Seams – live
26. Love’s Got Me Doin Time – live
27. Make Your Own Way – live
28. Night Songs – live
29. Somebody Save Me – live
30. Gypsy Road – live

Official Website: www.cinderella.net

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