“Glitter” (Single) by Chris Caffery

Artist: Chris Caffery
Title: “Glitter”
Label: Independent
Release Date: 11/13/2013
Genre: Holiday
Rating: 4/5

By now you should know the name of Chris Caffery very well from the mighty Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the guitar work that he lays down there and also as a member of the soon to resurface Savatage and if not you really need to catch up to the rest of us. Since the holiday season is upon us, I decided to add the 2013 holiday track that Chris offered up via the song “Glitter” to the context of our currently running Christmas tunes. The pleasant track was originally available only to those who discovered his Bandcamp page but now it seems a little easier to locate and as tunes of this type go, it’s the perfect companion to the kind of material you get to enjoy with the TSO. Lyrically the song speaks about life how we find it today and how it’s marred by consumerism and the like but through the innocent eyes of the children perhaps there is a means to look past it all and find a little humanity and humbleness again. Well, that is what I took from it at least and the message left me with a smile and found me even more excited for the TSO’s upcoming performance that I will be catching in a couple of days (provided you are reading this narrative on the day of post). To sum it up I found the tune appealing and spun it several times before penning these words. Since there is only the one tune being discussed there is not much more I can add to this but I will say that I hope Caff has some other holiday tunes up his sleeve and chooses to release them in this fashion.

For the recording Caffery did the whole enchilada for this one in terms of music and melodies along with playing all guitars, bass and drum parts. It’s safe to say that if you are already enjoying his solo material that you should like this holiday themed track. It’s also only a $1 and during the holidays that is a complete bargain. Please note that this is for a digitally downloadable track only and this is NOT available on a physical CD at this time. Don’t forget to catch Chris with Trans-Siberian Orchestra (if you live on the East Coast that is) while they are still on tour for “The Christmas Attic”. Merry Christmas.

Track Listing:
1. Glitter

Official Website: www.chriscaffery.com

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