“Gigantour 2” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Gigantour 2”
Label: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 4/22/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Dave Mustaine and his merry men in Megadeth successfully led the first Gigantour event into the hearts of Heavy Metal fans everywhere and that outing brought us Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nevermore, Life Of Agony and many more all on the same stage. It was the subject of a well-received CD and DVD release that while it didn’t bring you the entire event, certainly did its job in giving you a sample to make you kick yourself should you have passed on it. The initial success led to a second festival and when they announced the lineup for that go round of the event I felt that they had once again captured some of the most relevant artists in Metal music today. Gigantour 2 was much more of a shredding guitar festival and it had the likes of Arch Enemy, Lamb Of God, Opeth, Overkill and Into Eternity joined by two newer bands Sanctity and The Smashup. Having attended my area’s performance of Gigantour 2 I could agree with many who maintained that this event had one-upped the previous year in terms of musical consistency. While the bands on the first were all rather interesting, some of them lost some people, while others gained them. G2 had no such issue as crowds assembled early and remained inside as opposed to wandering while a band they didn’t love or find a tad curious performed. The second Gigantour would also make its way to CD and DVD and while it is only a single disc release they managed to fit fourteen tracks on it. I had missed The Smash-Up at my show and found their Metalcore to be a good kick off to the CD but I cant judge much more on them since I have little background on them.

Sanctity comes up next with one track from their Roadrunner Records debut and they prove themselves to be nice and heavy. I am sure they will be impressing people as time goes on. One of my favorite group of guys and a band I think I have seen at shows almost twenty times over the past few years is Into Eternity and their one inclusion on the CD gives you a great idea about them. It’s a kick ass band on many levels so check them out when possible. It shouldn’t be hard to find them on a touring roster somewhere. Overkill is Overkill and you get what you pay for with these guys. Gigantour was a big step for them, and lots of New Schoolers got an Old School education during their set. They and Arch Enemy get two numbers a piece and after hearing Angela growling in the live sense on CD I am hoping we get some sort of live album out of them soon. . Opeth only gets one tune and it’s the slower and more melodic Progressive “Window Pane. These guys are raising the bar in Melodic Death Metal meets Progressive Music so find some of their music to catch up on what you have been missing. We get three Lamb Of God tunes and it would be wrong to say that this band is anything less than one of the most important in Metal today. They are aggressive, they are musical and they sure know how to get a crowd moving during a show. They have been on a continual touring mode as well and show no signs of stopping soon.

The CD closes with three tunes from headliners Megadeth and while I love these guys I had wished that they did a second CD and delivered more of their stuff as well as a little bit more Lamb Of God for the listeners. Doing this would have allowed for some more Arch Enemy, Overkill and Into Eternity. Maybe only one more Opeth since their tracks are rather long. Either way, I found myself enjoying this “G2” a little more than the first time around one and I think it is because I was one of those fans who also had some minor issues with the lineup. This was by far the most Metal of the two Gigantour’s that have been held but we shall see how that opinion holds up when we review whatever comes out from Gigantour 3 next year. The touring is being planned for that one now, so you know that a CD and DVD release are on the planning table as well.

Track Listing:
1. The Smash Up – Rachel’s Song
2. Sanctity – Zeppo
3. Into Eternity – Timesless Winter
4. Overkill – Thanks For Nothing
5. Overkill – Long Time Dying
6. Arch Enemy – Nemesis
7. Arch Enemy – We Will Rise
8. Opeth – Window Pane
9. Lamb Of God – Vigil
10. Lamb Of God – Red Neck
11. Lamb Of God – Something To Die For
12. Megadeth – Take No Prisoners
13. Megadeth – The Scorpion
14. Megadeth – Washington Is Next

Official Website: http://www.gigantour.com
Official Website: http://www.megadeth.com
Official Website: http://www.opeth.com
Official Website: http://www.lamb-of-god.com
Official Website: http://www.archenemy.com
Official Website: http://www.intoeternity.net
Official Website: http://www.wreckingcrew.com

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