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Ghost Presents “The Summoning” IV: The Arrival

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Thanks to agents lurking in the shadows with wireless signals deep below in the cavernous hidden HQ where the band Ghost plots their conquering, I share with you the latest transmission in “The Summoning”. If you’ve missed any of their earlier 411, just click HERE first. Be warned though, possession of this intel comes at a grave cost.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add here my fiends, but I guess that its safe to assume that we should all start listening to Sister Imperator lest we get a crack on the knuckles with her yardstick. That was a popular means of getting you into accord by the nuns at the Catholic schools way back in the day and I’m pretty sure that Imperator has a spike on the end of hers for proper accommodation. See you next time when any briefing comes across my media desk from our people hidden deep within the Ghost sect of acolytes. They’re risking their safety and that of their loved ones to keep you informed.

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