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Ghost Presents “Dance Macabre” Official Video

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It was exactly five months to the day when Ghost unveiled their “Instagram Story Video” for their at the time new single “Dance Macabre” and I shared that with the readership on THIS LINK. It was fun to see the band using the uber popular social networking site to their advantage and rather amusing to see all the different reactions of assorted music personality in regards to the track. Now its time for a brand new video for said song and one that is the kind many had expected in the first place. Let’s take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This was a great music video as there was so much going on in it and before it actually begins. It starts out with a story about two wild and crazy guys looking to party when they visit this ominous mansion and are greeted by the waitstaff. This reminded me a little bit of Riff Raff in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” based on his mannerisms. Once inside the guys start in on the fun and dancing with a number of gorgeous ladies who definitely had the moves like Jagger. As one of the gents continues the dance with his paramour he is transformed into the late great Papa Emeritus III (or maybe he looked more like Papa II based on the makeup). Yes they are both no more and we learned this during THIS CLIP if you are behind in the times. Someone resembling Satan arrives and then it turns into a little “From Dusk Till Dawn” or maybe “Blade” (I know what you are saying, Pop Culture much KP?). The potentially new Papa sneers at the camera with the text “The Beginning” and his friend, well, let’s move on from that grim topic shall we. Overall a very fun video and a super danceable track. I must admit that Ghost sure has morphed their sound from the bygone days of “Opus Eponymous” and Papa Emeritus I. Did you enjoy this video?

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