Ghost Presents: Chapter Three: “Back On The Road”

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Message From The Clergy: We wish to inform you that the Papas have been re-instated.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: And so we’ve learned just what Sister means by “re-instated”. I’m thinking that she means “in state” but yes, all three of the previous Papas are no more and now for a limited time only shall be available for sacred viewings as a part of the VIP experience at the shows. I never got to see Papa I but was for sure a fan of Papa II and Papa III and felt that each of them had more songs to sing for the converted legions. Oh well, perhaps in the Great Whatever After they are composing sinister symphony that you just might hear on a cold dark night if you listen to the wind close enough. I have no further thoughts on this clip as a topic but shall continue to monitor any whispers and rumblings that might follow in order to keep you all informed. Count the minutes until my return. Let me know what you think about this clip down in the comments section below and share your grief about the end of the three Papas.

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