“Get Dead” by Age Of Evil

Artist: Age Of Evil
Title: “Get Dead”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 11/17/2009
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Having seen just what the youth of Metal offers up by experiencing a number of events held by the Paul Green School Of Rock, I was hardly surprised at the level of quality music that was put forth by the lads in Age Of Evil. The band ranges in the age of 18 through 20 and is comprised of two sets of brothers (the Goldbergs and the Ziffs). Together they display a great level of powerful Metal acumen that is a clear sign in how the lessons taught by the masters of the past had been successfully absorbed by the youth and worked with to its benefit. The six song EP “Get Dead” is a treat for a number of reasons because we get some new material, some live stuff and a couple of covers that I think everyone will enjoy. Starting it off is a bombastic track called “Cruel Intentions” and the stellar drumming of Garrett Ziff takes no prisoners and allows the guitars to paint vast musical colors with their technical riffs. I detected some Iron Maiden and Priest influences in the lead breaks with these boys and that is never a bad thing when it comes down to it. Sometimes the vocals of Jeremy seem like he is straining himself, but at this age he is probably still coming into his own voice. I loved the snarl ala Mustaine that he offers up every now and again across the tracks and think when he finds his main voice that he will be very good at it. Two covers are delivered with a rocking Skid Row track and a Judas Priest one, and while the musical adventuring kicks up the original versions a notch or two, they do keep the main premise in place so the tune remains recognizable. Vocally, Jeremy does his own thing and does not make an attempt to sound like Bach or Halford which was probably for the best because had he failed at the mimicking, it would have been something consistently referred to about the release as opposed to the guys having fun doing music that they know appeals to the larger demographic of Metal heads.

The two live tracks are a nice closer to the EP and show that the guys know how to deliver the goods in the live sense as well and are not loaded with studio trickery. The self-released EP comes in a fold out digipak and gives you a photo of the band, the lyrics for the two new songs and some acknowledgements. We have seen the youth go wild in bands like Warbringer, Black Tide and Mantic Ritual over the most recent years and it looks like the next wave is beginning to manifest itself to us. If this kind of talent keeps popping up and staying true to the Metal way then I think that the genre is in excellent hands. Congratulations young squires, you did good with this one.

Track Listing:
1. Cruel Intentions
2. Get Dead
3. Slave To The Grind
4. The Hellion/Electric Eye
5. Eye For An Eye – live
6. Glimpse Of Light – live

Official Website: http://www.ageofevil.com

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