Gene Simmons To Celebrate 50 Years In Rock With “THE VAULT EXPERIENCE”

I actually heard a slight bit about this while meeting some friends before a show last night. At the time I didn’t know what to make of it and now with a little sleep and plenty of coffee in my system I was able to lock down the press news about the Gene Simmons “Vault Experience”. What is this you might be asking? Well, I can hardly figure out a way to tell you outside of saying dig into the press release below and check the limits on your credit line.

The Press Release:
Celebrating 50 years in rock (1966-2016) Gene Simmons, multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, co-founder and front man of KISS, America’s number one gold record award-winning group of all time in all categories (RIAA), and one of the most recognized performers in the world, today announced the unprecedented release of GENE SIMMONS: THE VAULT EXPERIENCE in partnership with Rhino Entertainment.

GENE SIMMONS: THE VAULT EXPERIENCE commemorates and celebrates Simmons’ notorious five-decade journey as a rock icon, offering fans around the world a limited-edition collectible ‘VAULT’ with contents that offer a unique look into The Demon’s colorful life, including never-before-released songs, photos, stories and collectible items. Additionally, every VAULT will be personally delivered to each fan by Simmons himself.

GENE SIMMONS: THE VAULT EXPERIENCE begins with a personal delivery, by Simmons himself, of a numbered, limited-edition, 17″ x 25″ 38-pound VAULT, during Simmons’ VAULT World Tour set to take place January 2018 through December 2018.

Priced at $2,000 – each unique VAULT includes:
– 150 never-before-released tracks written and performed by Simmons, and featuring notable rock and roll artists, including members of KISS past and present
– Packaged in a massive 12″ x 12″ x 6″ leather-bound commemorative book containing dozens of never-before-seen images of Simmons throughout his 50-year career
– These unreleased tracks are exclusive to THE VAULT and will not be available in other physical or digital configurations.
– Limited-edition collectibles including a Gene Simmons non-makeup action figure and an “In Gene We Trust” oversized medallion
– A one-of-a-kind, hand-selected original piece of memorabilia from Gene’s personal collection

During the one-on-one meet and greets with the delivery of the VAULTs, Simmons will travel around the world, to a designated location to take photos and video with the fan and a guest, and sign autographs. In addition to the private meeting, fans will receive a VAULT Pre-Pack* and join a small group of other fans for “Songs and Stories” from The VAULT and a Q&A with Simmons. Within a month of purchase, fans will also receive via mail a VAULT Pre-Pack featuring a USB including the first track “Are You Ready,” a signed golden ticket, exclusive t-shirt, and a laminate. Ordering by December 5 will ensure delivery of the VAULT Pre-Pack by December 23, just in time for holiday gift giving.

“Any artist can release a boxed set, and never really thank the fans for their support,” said Simmons. “I want to celebrate my 50th anniversary in rock WITH the fans, and I have had a blast putting something really special together for them. GENE SIMMONS: THE VAULT EXPERIENCE gives fans something truly unique that they can keep forever, and it gives me a chance to personally thank them for all of their support over the years.”

“What Gene and Rhino have put together with THE VAULT EXPERIENCE is truly unprecedented. We have taken the idea of a boxed set to a completely different level,” says Mark Pinkus, President of Rhino Entertainment. “As a card-carrying member of the KISS Army from a young age, I’m honored to be working with Gene on such an exciting and innovative project. His fans are going to be absolutely blown away by THE VAULT EXPERIENCE. ”

For the ultimate fan, two additional VAULT Experiences are available:

The Executive Producers Experience – $25,000
Kicking off in New York on September 15, the Executive Producer’s Experience will be available in cities around the world until November 2017, and is the quintessential experience for the devoted fan, plus a guest. The Executive Producer’s experience includes an initial SKYPE call with Simmons; a one-hour private studio preview with Simmons, offering the opportunity to listen to tracks before they are released; a distinguished Executive Producer credit on every VAULT; a photo, video and autograph opportunity with Gene; one of the first 500 limited-edition numbered VAULTs; and a VAULT Pre-Pack*

The Home Experience** – $50,000
Launching December 2017 in the U.S. and in cities around the world, the Home Experience includes a personal delivery of THE VAULT to the fan’s home by Simmons himself; one of the first 300 limited-edition numbered VAULTs; two hours with Simmons at the fan’s home (or location of their choice) for a special event with up to 25 friends and family; photos, videos and autographs; an intimate “Songs & Stories” playback session and Q&A with Gene; and a VAULT Pre-Pack* for all guests in attendance.

For a complete schedule of all three VAULT EXPERIENCES or to pre-order THE VAULT EXPERIENCES please visit or call 1-833-GSVault

*VAULT Pre-Pack includes signed golden ticket, exclusive t-shirt, USB with “Are You Ready” and a laminate. It will be shipped three to four weeks after purchase

** Some scheduling and travel restrictions may apply

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Well then. Okay so I am not going to crap on this sort of thing because I was as close to a lifelong KISS diehard as my time spending my own money on music would allow and I am also a big fan of the comic book medium and even kept stockpiles of various action figures over the years. This means I get it and I know that the super duper KISS diehards who only focus their surplus cash on the cruises or the Vegas residencies and the like will be eating this up. To be honest, I think the lower priced tier is actually rather cool because you still get to meet Gene and who doesn’t want to do that? I’ve heard of friends paying much more than that for a Guns n Roses VIP experience and it didn’t even let you meet the band. That’s ridiculous. Sadly this is well out of my price range as a thing since there isn’t surplus cash thanks to bills, and living in NYC. It’s pricey here for sure on a day to day basis but if you can do it then all the best and please invite us over to look at the loot one of these days. My hope is that this Vault Tour that is referenced will also find Gene doing some solo gigs like he had done over the recent months doing those deep cuts. What do you readers think of this new offering for collecting? Do you foresee this as becoming something more and more common as our favorite Rock Stars age and head towards retirement from the public scene? Who would you want to come over with a stockpile of vintage band loot if they decided to offer it up. Let me know down in the comments section below.

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