Gene Simmons Announces Solo Tour Live Dates

I’m a couple of days behind in this one but based on the pending tour dates to come it’s not really an issue. That said it’s some pretty exciting stuff as the great Gene Simmons of KISS is continuing to deliver solo dates with a rock-solid band and hitting several venues near you over the course of a few months. Check out the Facebook Page news along with the dates below. I’ll return at the close to add some editorial notes to the matter.

The Press Release:
Brace yourself, North America: Gene Simmons is going solo. The provocative and over-the-top showman is famous worldwide for his on and offstage antics as a member of KISS, where he became notorious for his fire-breathing, tongue-waggling performances as his rock alter ego The Demon, and sang lead vocals on hits like “Rock And Roll All Night”, “Calling Dr. Love”, “I Love It Loud”, and “A World Without Heroes”. Now out of makeup, Simmons is embarking on his first-ever solo tour with a red-hot backing band to perform some high-octane rock hits. Don’t miss the God Of Thunder himself when Simmons comes to your town.

The Tour Dates:
8/4 – Harrah’s – Funner, CA
8/5 – Riverside Performing Arts Center – Riverside, CA
8/11 – Mahnoment Casino – Mahnoment, MN
8/12 – North Star Mohegan Resort – Bowler, WI
8/25 – The Colosseum at Ceasars – Windsor, ON
8/26 – Wizard World – Chicago, IL
9/8 – American Music Theater – Lancaster, PA
9/16 – Nashville Bike Week – Nashville, TN
9/21 – Concert – Minneapolis, MN
9/23 – Edmonton Expo – Edmonton, AB
10/28 – Northside Festival – Monterrey, Mexico
10/30 – Pepsi Center – Mexico City, Mexico
11/11 – Rhode Island Comic Con – Rhode Island, NY
11/17 – Austin Wizard World Con – Austin, TX

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: If you’ve been reading this website for any reasonable length of time then you know full well how KISS and their music is religion to me. They are my favorite of all time and if this is still news to you at all just click onto KISS COVERAGE for a link to anything that references them here on the website from throughout our domain history. With that being said, I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not disappointed about the lack of any proper NYC date on this run of solo gigs. I know that a lot of the shows he was doing were connected with the Wizard World Comic Con so that rules out this working in tandem with the megalith of conventions that is NY Comic Con in October. Still, perhaps Mr. Simmons will see fit to doing something at Irving Plaza or Playstation Theater on one of the free nights on the schedule. Come on Gene your NYC fans want to see this (and you’ll have to pardon my speaking for you but having seen a few of the setlists performed think that you will allow me this indulgence – there were some DEEP cuts on the list). I guess these shows are going to prevent us from having any KISS appearances for the time being and that is a bit of a bother as well since there is nothing I like more than a KISS show. This historic, first time going out as a solo act sure sounds like a must see event for me so maybe I’ll head to Lancaster, PA or the one in Rhode Island. You can take a look at the set list done at the Trocadero on THIS LINK if you are curious about what he might be doing and my hope is that he adds stuff like “She’s So European” and “Great Expectations” to the mix. Those tunes have not appeared anywhere in far too long a time. So what do you diehards think about this one? Interested? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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