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G.I. Joe Retaliation Will Give Us A Commanding Appearance!!!

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I’m going to put my geek hat on again for a moment and express a little excitement for the upcoming film “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” which opens here on March 23rd and the reason for the fervor is right below. Behold Cobra Commander!!!!

Poster - GI Joe Retaliation - 2013
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You probably wonder why this is a big deal to me and I will quickly explain. If you saw “G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra” you will remember that we eventually got a Cobra Commander in the film but his look was nowhere near what the character looked like in the cartoon that gave him to us in the first place. That really pissed me off and more so especially when I read that they purposely left off his classic hooded look because it was too reminiscent of the KKK. I’m sorry but growing up with the cartoon adventure I never once associated the two. To me a non-hooded or non-faceplate Cobra Commander is balderdash. You might as well have The Mandarin not be Chinese (oh wait, that is happening as well over in “Iron Man 3” – sigh).

Photo - Cobra Commander

Anyway, when I started seeing the trailers for the new G.I. Joe film, I was ecstatic in seeing a mirrored face plate in a few blips by the screen and then the eventual poster that I have added to this post was made public. Clearly they decided to do this right even though they gave him a slightly more villainous look. Believe me I am okay with that, but leave the basics alone. This alone makes me more interested in the new film than its predecessor even though I did find it to be a good action film at the end of the day. So what do you readers think? Or do you even care? Alright time for me to get back to the Metal and Comic Book stuff. I’m done soap boxing for the moment. See you again soon. “Cobra!!!” I mean “Go Joe!!”

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